The Prune

THE SUN SETS on the do-it-yourselfer Prune and his new, expensive clothesline. submitted photo  by: Todd Sharp There is a beautiful simplicity in performing a repetitive chore with little effort and energy. Initially, the set up can get a little more complicated. My 4th of July was spent pursuing freedom from […]

The Prune: Nothing says holiday like building your own clothesline

THE PRUNE’S FATHER check’s out the ’62 Chevy Nova Station Wagon’s engine, preparing it, perhaps, for the next family outing to the outdoor theater. submitted photo by Todd Sharp Sometimes I have a great notion to set forth on adventure! When there’s an opportunity for adventure, travel and good eats, […]

The Prune: Spontaneity? It’s key to embarking on adventures

THE PRUNE DEMONSTRATES that he is not tire-d despite biking for 75 miles. submitted photo by Todd Sharp Three days before I’m getting ready for the weekend, ready to ride the Green Lake 100. I’ve anticipated that one year this ride will expand well beyond the organizers’ capacity to handle […]

The Prune: Green Lake 100 ride? Taxing, but not overwhelming

A SUNRISE OVER Green Lake brings the promise of a new day and with it, personal renewal. Jeremy Stibb photo by Todd Sharp I’ve been living on Kale, water and powdered amino acid for the past 10 days. Besides a few light-headed spells and seeing the occasional blue dots, I’m […]

The Prune: Summer knocks on the door, promising opportunity

THE PRUNE CHANGES the channel with his remote submitted photo by Todd Sharp How many of you were the human channel changer? The family remote control. I was restless and jumpy, so it was my job to spin the dial to “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Flip Wilson,” “60 Minutes,” […]

The Prune: It may seem remote, but change is just ...

THE PRUNE’S HANDLEBARS ride above his new front tire, ready to circumnavigate Green Lake. submitted photo by Todd Sharp I got me some new wheels. Not the kind of wheels you might be thinking, like a new car or new rubber tires but some new wheels — hubs, rims and […]

Prune wheely happy with two new additions to his bicycle

The Prune enjoys a beverage at Sassafras Coffee Shop with a paper straw and a clean conscience. submitted photos by Todd Sharp I’ve been speculating on the origins of inspirational ideas. These sparks hopefully flame up into full-fledged organized plans put into motion. Plans to be arranged into a full […]

Prune ponders spark that ignited the plastic straw revolt

by Todd Sharp Writing and creating art can be a messy process, at times perceived with misunderstanding and false assumptions, other times glorious insight and new, clear, fresh, funny perspective. I’ve censored my own stories, taking out identifying bits of personal tales to protect people’s identities. Storytelling traditionally comes in […]

The Prune: Here’s a column your parents won’t mind you ...

THE PRE PRUNE, second from left, endures a walk in Mitchell’s Glen with “old people:” His parents and brother, Dana. submitted photo by Todd Sharp Every year there’s an article in the Green Laker about someone’s personal experience with Mitchell Glen off Skunk Hollow road. Here’s my take on this […]

The Prune: The Prune rediscovers the magic of Mitchell Glen

by Todd Sharp I’ve been going home for lunch since I bought a new car, spending money on car payments and insurance instead of melty cheese paninis and hearty soups at local restaurants. I miss the social connection of the serendipitous lunch guest or quietly writing correspondence during lunch break […]

The Prune – Booty duty: Prune decides how to stop, ...

CANNED ROMA TOMATOES are ready to be consumed this winter — by a hungry grasshopper. submitted photo by Todd Sharp I get a little antsy this time of the year. I start to feel uneasy about the upcoming quieter season. Fewer folks around to share stories with. I’ll miss the […]

The Prune: Better to be an antsy busy bee than ...

by Todd Sharp “Style is based on limitations.” — John Hartford I’ve been working on a minimal, non-invasive, and repurposed lifestyle. The clothing I wear, furniture I make, the dwelling I do life in, the activities I pursue; hopefully the time, money, and energy I spend transcend my intentions. These […]

The Prune: Establish your style in three words: Read this ...

by Todd Sharp From the tubular, righteous, humble beginning in Peru, the potato has been cooked up as a staple in nearly every cuisine around the world. In its best form the potato is always paired with some fat and additional flavor. Butter, salt and pepper, sour cream, bacon bits, […]

Prune advises: Let the chips fall where they may