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Nate Lehner of ClearView Productions, LLC captures Dave Wilke’s perspective on conservation practices. submitted photo by Kristen Pieszko Rasmussen In an effort to highlight local farmers and their conservation practices, the Green Lake Association (GLA) recently released a “Fridays on the Farm” video series. Avalon Creek Farm Avalon Creek Farm, […]

Video series profiles local farmers and their Green Lake friendly ...

by Jennifer Fjelsted Water samples collected by the Green Lake Sanitary District Aug. 7 showed high densities of blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, in the County Highway K Marsh located at the southwest inlet of Green Lake.  Blue-green algae are a type of photosynthetic bacteria that are capable of […]

Blue-Green Algae Bloom found in Big Green’s County Highway ...

A fish crib is lowered into Big Green Lake. The crib is designed to protect small fish from larger fish and preserve the lake as a habitat for aquatic life. Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz In the 1980s and ’90s, roughly 150 fish cribs were placed in Big Green […]

Providing fish a habitat for the future

Researchers install buoys in Green Lake to monitor water quality data. The more data scientists can gather, the more the Green Lake Association can adapt projects to make a bigger impact. submitted photo by Kristen Pieszko Rasmussen As the Green Lake Association (GLA) takes its annual fund-raiser online this year […]

Fund a need for Big Green

A CDC GRAPHIC explains how Cercarial Dermatitis — or swimmer’s itch — is transferred to humans. Norwegian Bay has seen a recent uptick of swimmer’s itch. by Joe Schulz Swimmer’s itch appears to be back on Big Green Lake. Last week Monday, the Green Lake County Health Department received a […]

Swimmer’s itch suspected in Green Lake

RANDI THOM, left, holds a bass that he and his young angler, Easton Thom, 8, both of Berlin, caught. Jonathan Bailey photo by Joe Schulz In the days leading up to the 12th-annual Angler Young Angler Fishing Tournament, Saturday, June 20, the weather became the main point of conversation between […]

AYA Tourney reels in another successful year

A turbidity curtain is installed in the County K Highway Marsh. Derek Kavanagh photo If you’ve recently driven by the County K Highway Marsh, located at the southwest corner of Green Lake, it’s likely you’ve noticed a new addition: a long line of floating green booms that isolate pockets of […]

A story of hope for County K Highway Marsh and ...

by Jennifer Fjelsted June is invasive species month in Wisconsin. Invasive species can have big impacts on water quality, so it is important to understand which species Green Lake already has and take steps to prevent any new ones from entering. One particularly annoying aquatic invasive species in Big Green […]

Boaters can prevent spread of invasive species

JUSTIN CLARK, FRONT left, leads his team of Meredeth Clark, front right, and Garrett Clark (obstructed) to its fishing spot last year. Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz While some of Green Lake’s traditional summer events have been canceled, the annual Angler Young Angler Fishing Tournament is not one of them. […]

AYA fishing tourney will cast lines amid Covid-19

TWO CHILDREN swim in Big Green Lake. Jennifer Fjelsted, Green Lake Association project manager, reminds people that everyone needs to do their part to keep the water flowing to Green Lake as clean as possible. submitted photo by Jennifer Fjelsted Warming weather and longer sunny days have us all yearning to […]

Big Green Lake’s bathtub: How to care for the lake

Water samples are collected and then analyzed for environmental DNA to detect the presence of aquatic invasive species. submitted photo By Jennifer Fjelsted Seems like every time you turn on the television you see some new crime show where the hero catches the bad guy using DNA. But DNA can be […]

eDNA is latest twist in Green Lake’s own version of ...

A commercial angler stands with bins of caught carp — enough to fill a semi-truck. Removing these fish helps to improve and protect water quality in Big Green Lake. submitted photo By Jennifer Fjelsted June is Invasive Species Month in Wisconsin, which means later today you will likely rush to the […]

Not to carp, but where’s my invasive gift?

Clean Boats Clean Waters volunteers will be out at boat landings around the state, including Green Lake, helping boaters inspect their watercraft and prevent the spread of invasive species. submitted photo By Jennifer Fjelsted Once upon a time, someone took their boat out fishing. After watching their bobber in a standstill […]

Who’s writing the story on Green Lake? We are!

Sections of vertical banks on Dakin Creek will be repaired or armored with re-purposed Christmas trees as part of the Green Lake Association’s “balsam for brookies” project. The Christmas trees protect stream banks and provide habitat for brook trout, a native species that has not been documented on this trout […]

GLA restores brook trout habitat in Dakin Creek

Doug Norton tells stories of growing up on the Marina Wednesday, Aug. 15 during the Dartford Historical Society’s Lunch in the Park series. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones Ask any person fishing on Green Lake and they can probably say a thing or two about lake trout. From the […]

Norton shares stories of marina

Gala guests and long-time GLA supporters, Larry and Victoria Gundrum, participate in the event’s pillar project appeal to support major lake initiatives. Together, guests donated more than $165,000 toward major lake initiatives to protect and restore Green Lake’s water quality. submitted photo by Alison Niescier For the Green Lake Association’s […]

Party-goers raise more than $165,000 to improve Green Lake’s ...