On the Water

Doug Norton tells stories of growing up on the Marina Wednesday, Aug. 15 during the Dartford Historical Society’s Lunch in the Park series. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones Ask any person fishing on Green Lake and they can probably say a thing or two about lake trout. From the […]

Norton shares stories of marina

Gala guests and long-time GLA supporters, Larry and Victoria Gundrum, participate in the event’s pillar project appeal to support major lake initiatives. Together, guests donated more than $165,000 toward major lake initiatives to protect and restore Green Lake’s water quality. submitted photo by Alison Niescier For the Green Lake Association’s […]

Party-goers raise more than $165,000 to improve Green Lake’s ...

GREEN LAKER reporter Ariana Hones didn’t do much to help the carp problem on her estuary adventure, but enjoyed being in the elements with her little brother. Inset, the sole common carp swims lonely in the live well. Marcel Hones photos by Ariana Hones My brother Marcel practically dragged me […]

A carp catching endeavor on the elusive estuary

AFTER MONITORING AQUATIC vegetation in the County Highway K Estuary, Green Lake School District students and Green Lake Sanitary District staff remove invasive carp from a fyke net located in the estuary. Fyke nets jointly allow for carp removal and provide the Lake Management Planning team with valuable information on […]

Green Lake’s wetlands are being restored, one lily pad at ...

GREEN LAKER REPORTER Ariana Hones, left, and Adele Parks capture a moment of their kayak skills being fruitful as they make it to shore. Their docking skills? That was a different story. Adele Parks photo by Ariana Hones “What have we done?” I exclaimed as the double kayak slowly, yet […]

Kayaking adventure almost slips away for reporter and friend

Ben Siebers, hydrologic technician at the U.S. Geologic Survey; Mahta Naziri Saeed, graduate student at Michigan Tech; Dale Robertson, research hydrologist at the USGS; and Cory McDonald, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Michigan Tech install a monitoring buoy on the west end of Big Green as part […]

Oh buoy! Watch out, Green Lake Association warns

GLA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Stephanie Prellwitz: “doing nothing or not doing enough will tip Green Lake’s water quality in the wrong direction.” Hannah Tetzlaff photo by Hannah Tetzlaff hannahtetz@riponprinters.com Toxic algae blooms close beaches, cause rashes on contact and poison animals. Major fish kills and a devastated fishing industry due to […]

GL Association unveils three-prong plan to improve Green Lake’s ...

Citizen scientist Wayne Nowicki uses a Secchi disk to measure Green Lake’s water clarity at his favorite fishing spot. Data collected is used in combination with water-clarity readings collected by the U.S. Geological Survey to track both long-term and seasonal trends on the lake. submitted photo by Alison Niescier Six […]

Murky Green Lake raises questions — and answers

THE BLESER TEAM of Burlington, Wis., shows off the trophies and boat that it won for finishing first at last year’s Angler Young Angler Tournament. Pictured are, from left, organizer Dave Norton, Justin Keeker, organizer Krista Norton, Rich Bleser, Debbie Priepke and Bailey Bleser. Inset, from left, Keeker, Bailey Bleser […]

Reeling in on a decade

Last summer, members of the Lake Management Planning team and Green Lake School District students teamed up to place 27,000 plant propagules in the degraded estuary. This spring, volunteers prepared and placed 30,000 propagules to continue the multi-year attempt to restore the wetland. submitted photo by Allison Niescier A local […]

Don’t mean to carp about the estuary problem, but …

CLANCEY NICHOLLS LEAVES a wall of water behind him as he slices through Green Lake on his water skis during a past summer. submitted photo by Ariana Hones Bedecked in water skiing memorabilia while on his dock overlooking Green Lake, Clancey Nicholls remembers his first time water skiing. It was […]

Grassroots beginning bears years of water adventure

These THREE fishermen worked with the Clean Boats, Clean Waters inspector to check for and remove plants and drain their livewell after a day of fishing on Green Lake. They removed their boat from the lake at Dodge Memorial County Park. submitted photo by Anna Cisar If you were out […]

Clean boats = clean water = fewer invasive species

Future Green Lake diver Tyler Jennings practices his diving techniques. Jennings is taking classes at Mountain Bay Scuba to obtain his Scuba Diving certification. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman The murky — or maybe not so murky — waters of Green Lake hold many secrets. Some of those secrets […]

Green Lake’s secrets surface during dives

Pewaukee Lake Water Ski club stacks up a pyramid for the finale; Batman (secret identity Mike Strauss) carries Kayla Asbach to safety after showing off some super-powered moves during the doubles performance. Reagan Zimmerman and Rudy Winther photos by Reagan Zimmerman Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is […]

Up, up and aweigh!

MARISSA DAVIS STANDS next to Mike Norton and the 15-pound catfish she caught while fishing with the Green Lake guide June 1. Reagan Zimmerman photo Reagan Zimmerman Lake-trout fishing wasn’t always easy on Big Green Lake. In fact, people couldn’t catch them at all. From the time they were first […]

An unexpected cat(ch)

The continuous monitoring buoys provide high-resolution data documenting short-term fluctuations in oxygen, water temperature and seasonal trends. submitted photo by Alison Thiel Those recreating near Green Lake’s Dartford Bay or Sandstone Bluff may have noticed a new presence floating by. The areas have become home to two temporary monitoring buoys […]

Isolated Green Lake buoys measure water quality

Green Lake School District students assist the Lake Management Planning team in placing 27,500 native plant propagules (root stock) into the County Highway K Estuary. Propagules were strategically tossed into 12 fenced off carp exclosures. submitted photo by: Alison Thiel Editor’s note: This piece is the second story in a […]

GL students help restore Cty. Hwy. K estuary