KEITH AND ELIZABETH Barzyk recently opened a Green Bay Packers-themed ice cream parlor, dubbed “The Ice Bowl.” Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz On Dec. 31, 1967, many Green Lake County residents likely tuned their radios and television sets to the Green Bay Packers’ record-setting third consecutive NFL Championship Game. […]

The ‘Ice Bowl’ opens in Laker country

TOASTING TO 35 years of Goose Blind Grill & Bar are, from left, Jolene Gundrum, Quinn Johnson, Arryn Drover, Anuar Majana, Lisa Morris, Kira Taylor and Mary Rowley. Last Month Rowley Announced she is looking to retire. Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz Small businesses add value to any community, […]

Splash: Reporter shares support for local establishments

JEFF BENDING STANDS behind the bar at Jeff’s on the Square in Berlin, which he’s owned for 46 years. Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz Jeff Bending has been in the restaurant business for about 50 years, and before this March he thought he’d seen everything.  Then, the coronavirus outbreak […]

A passion for serving customers

Gus, the Goose Blind mascot, holds a tray of shots. This year, the restaurant celebrates 35 years of being owned by Mary Rowley. submitted photo  by Joe Schulz Thirty-five years ago, Mary Rowley saw a void in Green Lake’s restaurant scene.  At the time, the area had plenty of fine […]

Flocking to retirement

Bucket Wings Founder Will Gerstein flips chicken wings after their first round through the air fryer. He is operating the restaurant out of Town Square in Green Lake. Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz Will Gerstein always has been something of an entrepreneur, from spending the last five summers selling […]

18-year-old is no chicken

JILLIAN’S RESTAURANT, WHICH is under new leadership, is located at 200 South Fulton St. Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz When Mark Lemke and Alys Wild met at a Grateful Dead concert in the 1990s, they never imagined that one day they’d be married and co-owners of a restaurant. The couple […]

New Jillian’s owners realize dream

John Maczuzak has redecorated the upstairs interior with his old beer can collection from fourth through eighth grade. by Joe Schulz When ThunderBoss Bar & Grill announced it was closing back in November, few knew what — if anything — would take its place. Then in March, the eatery announced […]

Taking a bite out of Green Lake’s appetite

Co-Owner Zach Johnson pours a mixed drink inside Town Square Tap. Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz Eight years ago, Zach Frazier was brewing beer inside his home in Minnesota. Today, he co-owns a taproom in the heart of downtown Green Lake. The taproom is located inside of the old Town […]

Mixing it up

by Hannah Tetzlaff Before ThunderBoss Bar & Grill in Green Lake was a twinkle in an eye, owners Chris Barbin and Lori Csaszar knew they wanted to create ThunderFest. “I’ve been on this project [planning ThunderFest] since November before we opened up the doors of ThunderBoss,” ThunderBoss head chef Trent […]

New festival thunders into Green Lake

Amanda Drager pours a martini at the start of her Center House shift.  She also bartends at Adam’s Rib in Green Lake. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones Not all superheroes wear capes. In fact, sometimes the factor giving them that extra boost of power comes from a comfortable pair […]

Behind the bar stands super woman

Guests mingle and dine during Langford’s famous fish fry. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones In between noshing on his favorite pop rock breath mints and asking the ever constant question of “links or woods?” to a steady stream of clients, Josh Carroll, PGA Head Golf Professional at Lawsonia, paused […]

Langford’s of Lawsonia: A living legacy

JEAN ADAMS, LEFT, and daughter Rachel Nitz stand in the dining room at Adam’s Rib in Green Lake. The business was opened 40 years ago as a bar, but now offers lunches and dinners as well. Ian Stepleton photos by Ian Stepleton ians@riponprinters.com Jean Adams remembers one of her early […]

Adam’s Rib celebrates 40 years in Green Lake

STANDING IN THEIR new Horseradish restaurant are, from left, Matt Trotter, Bennett Drake, Atticus Hiestand, Lauren Pearsall and Alex Pearsall. The Princeton restaurant opened Memorial Day weekend. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones In between looking for a mop bucket and saying goodbye to the steady stream of satisfied customers, […]

Exchanging a food truck for four walls

LORI CSASZAR AND Chris Barbin, owners of Thunderboss, sit at one of the many seats with views of Green Lake. Ian Stepleton photo by Ian Stepleton ians@riponprinters.com It started as a team-building exercise. Lori Csaszar and Chris Barbin, husband-and-wife owners of the soon-to-open Thunderboss Bar & Grill in Green Lake, […]

Lakeside eatery aims to be restaurant for all

Dan Solberg REMOVES a pizza from a wood fire at Vines & Rushes Winery. The pizza stove, which bakes pizzas at 750 degrees, was imported to Vines & Rushes from a father-son business in Salerno, Italy. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones The year was 2007. Ryan Prellwitz, a Ripon […]

No sour grapes at Vines & Rushes

Kristina Karen welcomes the local community to her hidden gem of a bakery. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones Kristina Karen thought she would be using her science skills to draw blood and take children’s temperatures. After all, she wanted to be a nurse. However, when she started cooking at […]

Baked: this delicious hidden gem is hot out of the ...