A summertime sonnet for a cleaner Green Lake

JENNIFER FJELSTED ASKs people to use lake friendly lawn tips to protect Big Green, so all enjoy a summer of fun, and a lake that’s clean.   submitted photo

by Jennifer Fjelsted

Green Lake is the thing,

that brings our community together.

We love this big lake,

no matter the weather.

While winter is beautiful,

with summer we’re smitten.

Ready your swimsuits,

and put away your mittens.

With docks going in the water,

it is a sure sign,

that the whole town is ready

to leave cold weather behind.

The days are getting longer.

Spring is rushing right past,

We’re ready to make memories at the lake,

and hope summer doesn’t go too fast.

But a beautiful lake,

doesn’t just happen.

To help keep the lake clean,

it requires some action.

The GLA works hard,

to protect Green Lake as best we can.

But we need everyone on board,

to lend a helping hand.

That sunshine we’ve been craving,

is finally here warmly glowing.

But that also means,

that the grass is now growing.

Yard work might not be your favorite,

but it has to be done.

So use these lake friendly lawn tips,

to help keep Green Lake clean and fun.

Slowing down runoff,

helps water quality in Big Green.

And reducing sources of phosphorus,

is the kind of help the lake needs.

Never use fertilizer with phosphorus,

since just 1 pound can make,

500 pounds of weeds and algae,

grow in the lake!

Nobody wants to swim,

in a lake with murky water that’s green.

So properly dispose of your lawn clippings, and leaves!

When left on the pavement,

they brew a phosphorus tea,

that runs off into the lake

and grows more algae and weeds!

Put downspouts on the grass,

to help lessen the runoff load.

So rainwater can soak in,

instead of rushing towards the road.

Always remember that storm drains,

are a direct conduit,

that carry water in them to the lake,

along with any pollutants in it.

To help stop and slow runoff,

and keep geese off your grass,

leave a tall strip of plants by the shoreline,

and the geese won’t go past!

When soil washes into the lake,

it carries phosphorus along.

So patch up any bare spots,

that you see in your lawn.

All of these small steps,

help show Green Lake that we love her.

By keeping phosphorus on the land,

and out of the water.

Make these lake friendly lawn tips,

part of your yard work routine.

So that all of us together,

can enjoy another summer on Big Green.

Jennifer Fjelsted is the communication and project manager for the Green Lake Association, a local not-for-profit that works to improve water quality for Green Lake.