Swinging For The Fall

A GROUP OF golfers gather around a green at Mascoutin Golf Club. submitted photo

by Joe Schulz

During the summer months, the Green Lake area has a reputation of being a golf haven.

Even after summer ends, golf enthusiasts still have plenty of time to hit the greens before courses close for winter.

Golf Courses
of Lawsonia

Lawsonia doesn’t have a set end-of-year date, as it will close after the course is frosted over, according to Lawsonia spokesperson Cal Peters.

He noted closing dates vary from year to year.

Peters noted the driving range doesn’t have a set closing date either, but will shut down at the end of September.

The Woodlands Course will close by the end of October, before the Links Course.

“The Links Course will stay open longer because there aren’t as many trees, so the frost will get off of it earlier in the morning,” Peters said.

The pro shop will remain open while the Links Course is open, and housing will close Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Fall rates at Lawsonia will begin Sunday, Oct. 6.

Mondays through Thursday, adults with a golf cart will be able to use the course for $70, Peters noted.

“Weekends will stay the same at the $95 rate,” he said.

Mascoutin Golf Club

Mascoutin closes at different times each year depending on weather.

“We’ve been open some years into December,” Mascoutin’s PGA Head Professional Kalynn Dolby said.

She noted September is Mascoutin’s busiest month. Dolby emphasized weather’s role in the course’s schedule.

“It really depends, if we get some snow and then it melts, we’ll open back up,” Dolby said. “In late October [or] early November we might close for a few days and then we might open back up.”

Dolby noted the clubhouse is not open year-round, but rather only when the golf course is open. She also added the driving range will close for the season Sunday, Oct. 13 after a college tournament.

Even after summer ends, Dolby noted the course is in great shape.

“We aerify really early, we’ve already done 18 of our 27 holes,” she said.

Golf course aeration is preventive maintenance that helps keep the grass healthy.

“There’s still a lot of really good golf days left this fall,” Dolby said of the end of summer.

Tuscumbia Golf Course

Tuscumbia will stay open as long as weather permits, with Tuscumbia CEO John Geils noting it generally remains open until November.

The driving range and pro shop will shut down when the golf course does. Geils noted after the third weekend in September, the course will begin running its fall rates.

“It usually costs about $25 to $30 for eight people with a cart,” he said of the fall rates.

Geils believes golfers looking for the best bang for their buck should check out Tuscumbia.

“We’re the oldest golf course in Wisconsin; that experience alone is something unique,” he said.

The restaurant will remain open year-round, with reduced hours, Geils stated.

“We haven’t determined what those will be yet,” Geils said.

The lodge will remain open for special events, based on bookings and contracts.

“We have some going into November and some parties in December,” Geils said.

Golfers going to Tuscumbia in the fall will be treated to a plethora of Autumn colors, as many of the trees’ leaves change color.

“It’s a majestic atmosphere,” Geils said of the course in fall.

Sondalles White Lake Golf Club

SONDALLES WHITE LAKE Golf Club will remain open until there is frost on the ground. submitted photo

Like the other three courses, Sondalles doesn’t set a closing date. Owner Cathy Sondalle noted the course’s closing is entirely weather dependent.

Once there’s frost on the course, it will close.

Sondalles, unlike the other golf courses, does not have a driving range.

After summer, the country club will remain open Thursdays through Sundays through Tuesday, Dec. 31.

Sondalle believes the wildlife near the course, and the leaves changing colors gives golfers some unique scenery in the fall.