Splash: The recipe for happiness; ‘What makes YOU happy?’

Rachel Johnson of Madison and Xi Chen of China enjoy their visit to Green Lake.

by Hannah Tetzlaff

As a foodie, I love to cook and taste new recipes.

And after experimenting with gluten-free meals for a beloved family I know, I’ve become pretty good at improvising and mastering some dishes.

However, there is one recipe that I find is more important and vital than all the rest that I have tried: the recipe for happiness.

But what makes people happy?

Is there a set list of ingredients that can make anyone content?

Or does it change, with each person putting their own spin on it?

To get to the bottom of this mystery, I investigated around Green Lake, asking everyone that I met “What makes you happy?”

On these pages is what they had to say …

Lori Arrivo of Green Lake:“Well the first thing that came to mind was being alive. Second, my family, friends [and] enjoying simple things. Like taking a shower [and] letting the hot water run all over you, fixing your hair and putting makeup on. Makeup always  gives me a lift and makes me feel better.”

Gail Nylander of Princeton:“Being in the sunshine with a cup of coffee and just walking through nature and seeing the birds and hearing the wind singing in the trees; that’s my tranquilizer. And music. Music of every kind. I like harp music and I love zydeco and Cajun music and dance music;I danced my whole life.”

Barbara Picardo of Ripon:“My cappucino. [I get it] everyday [and] I like the taste. I’m addicted to it, for years.”

Rachel Johnson of Madison:“Spending time outside with people that I care about. I like the sun, seeing cool wildlife, swimming and [it’s] just a different pace.

“We’re actually both researchers; we’re up here just for the day. So we’re both studying Green Lake. We’re working with the Green Lake Association and the Sanitary District and county conservation department. I’m studying historical land use and how it’s connected to the water quality.”

Xi Chen of China:“I think having dinner with friends and also having some games with friends makes me happy. [I like to] play some card games like Uno.

“I’m studying water quality and how BMP [best management practices] affect the water quality of Green Lake.”

Lori Bogutski of Markesan with a hair salon in Green Lake:“Seeing my clients happy. Being with family. Having peace. Especially with last year has been kind of chaotic with the death of my dad and everything. Just peace [and] accomplishing things.”

Colleen Timm of Green Lake:“My husband. Family is the best thing. Getting my hair done. Having Donald Trump as president; it makes me happy because he’s doing what he says he’s doing. ”

Logan Musha, 13, of Berlin:“Fishing. We [my brother and I] go fishing a lot. Let’s say about four to five times a week.”

Wes Musha, 10, of Berlin:“I like catching stuff like catching crawdads. We’re like making a pond in this bucket, but we’re having fun. Just like fishing and catching  crawdads and doing stuff like that..”

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