RMC Triathlon makes a splash with new downtown venue

FORMING A SPRINT Distance relay team named “The Newbies” are Ripon High School students, from left, Julia Long, Lexi Tebon and McKenzie Nodolf. The three of them each did one leg and finished second with a time of 1 hour, 36 minutes, 11 seconds. Tracy Landerman photo

by Joe Schulz

More than 350 participants in the Ripon Medical Center (RMC) Triathlon were treated to clear skies and new scenery Sunday, July 21.

The event, which has been held at the Green Lake Conference Center for the last decade, was hosted in Deacon Mills Park.

Race Director Chris Schattschnieder noted that the overall feedback from athletes on the new location was positive.

“People really liked the swim; they thought it was better than previous years,” he said. “Some thought the bike [portion] was just as hilly as previous years. Others thought it was fast. We didn’t hear anything about the run.”

The event featured sprint- and Olympic-distance races.

The sprint consisted of a 400-meter swim, 18-mile bike ride and 5k run. The Olympic distance featured a 1,500-meter swim, 25-mile bike ride and 10k run.

The races combined for 363 finishers. The sprint had an average completion time of 1 hour, 48 minutes and 55 seconds, while the Olympic distance had an average finish time of 2:46:50

Money from the event will be donated to the RMC Foundation, which helps pay for baseline concussion testing for local athletes.

“I’m thankful to the city for letting us put the race on,” Schattschnieder said.

The top-five male and female finishers in each category, as well as the places of local-area competitors (italicized), are:

Olympic Distance Individual

Males (out of 83 Participants): 1. Blake Becker of Madison; (1 hour, 54 minutes, 36 seconds); 2. Alec Hembree of Madison (2:03:20); 3. Jacob Young of Madison (2:07:20); 4. Mike Deau of Waukesha, Wis. (2:08:04); 5. Daniel Lynam of Madison (2:12:04); 39. Kevin Polston of Ripon (2:30:23); 59. Alex Wheaton of Ripon (2:51:04); 74. John Feeney, of Ripon (3:08:06); 75. Andrew Maes of Green Lake (3:10:54); 77. Dennis Duijsters of Green Lake (3:11:51).

Females (out of 47 participants): 1. Maddy Blain of Edgerton, Wis. (2:20:06); 2. Megan Severa of Madison (2:20:32); 3. Renne Richards Groff of Oshkosh (2:21:14); 4. Tara Sheetz of Roscoe, Ill. (2:28:16); 5. Christine Bruno of Milwaukee (2:32:33).

Green Lake’s Etta and Abbot Maes cheer on their father, Andrew Maes, who finished the individual Olympic race with a time of 3 hours, 10 minutes and 54 seconds. Joe Schulz photo

Olympic Distance Relay

Mixed (out of three teams): 1. Team Michael Conn, Ethan Coons and Austin Henderson of Neenah (2:09:41); 2. Team T-Lap (2:20:16); 3. Team Breakfast Skillets (3:03:18).

Sprint Distance Individual

Males (out of 134 Participants): 1. Evan Wetzel of Waukesha; (1:12:45); 2. Kenneth Laczkowski of Madison (1:13:58); 3. Cody Clauer of Rubicon, Wis. (1:16:15); 4. Vince Dinkel of Wausau (1:16:34); 5. Kris Roesken of Madison (1:16:37); 42. Thomas Breunig of Berlin (1:34:30); 94. Austin Lopez of Ripon (1:50:22); 127. Jared Kohlenberg of Ripon (2:15:55); 128. Michael Pulice of Green Lake (2:16:52); 130. Korey Keipe of Green Lake (2:19:51); 133. Brice Alvord of Green Lake (2:44:30); 134. Bob Rettger of Princeton (2:46:14).

Females (out of 99 participants): 1. Heidi Werner of Onalaska, Wis. (1:24:01); 2. Miranda Bush of Oregon, Wis. (1:26:03); 3. Denise Nechvatal of Dane, Wis. (1:26:11); 4. Cammie Beck of Milwaukee, (1:28:08); 5. Amy Van Treeck of Protage, Wis. (1:28:48); 34. Andrea Young of Ripon (1:44:44); 58. Sara Abolt of Markesan (1:54:11); 65. Karmen Voigt of Princeton (1:57:51); 88. Morgan Johnson of Ripon (2:16:35).

Sprint Distance Relay

Mixed (out of four teams): 1. Team Eccx2 (1:34:36); 2. Team The Newbies (1:36:11); 3. Team Tri-Engel (1:41:41); 4. Team Watermelon Crushers (1:56:47).