A nice summer workout

Green Laker Reporter Joe Schulz breaks a sweat on the elliptical at Green Lake Fitness. submitted photo

by Joe Schulz

For many people, summer is a time to unwind.

But for me this summer has been a rat race. That is until I had a chance to work out at Green Lake Fitness, located in Town Square.

The past month or so I’ve been running myself ragged between working for Kwik Trip and the Green Laker, so working out at Green Lake Fitness was a therapeutic experience.

The facility is a clean and comfortable space, fully equipped with cardiovascular and strength-training equipment that offers a variety of workout options.

As someone who’s still fairly new to Green Lake Country, I had never used the amenities at Green Lake Fitness.

I had previously done weight training in high school and had worked out at my local YMCA over winter break, but the idea of a fully equipped gym in the basement of a renovated courthouse intrigued me.

I pictured a dungeon-like atmosphere with equipment left over from the 1980s; my preconception couldn’t have been more wrong.

When I arrived at Green Lake Fitness I was impressed. The first thing that caught my eye was the line of treadmills, with other cardio machines right behind it.

I also was surprised to see a wall of free weight dumbbells and a bench/squat rack. Going in I expected the entire gym to be machines; I wasn’t expecting to see free weights.

Green Laker Reporter Joe Schulz does a set of bicep curls at Green Lake Fitness. submitted photo

I was pleasantly surprised, I completed three sets of 20 curls (10 on each arm), and I did a few sets of bench press.

Luckily my friend Nick was willing to venture to Green Lake and was able to spot me on the bench.

I was also pleased to find a room full of leg machines, because I’m not the biggest fan of doing squats with a bar on my back. I did some leg press, leg extensions, and leg curls.

Nick Wielgosz, who accompanied Joe Schulz to Green Lake Fitness, does leg presses. Joe Schulz photo

Then I worked on some of the shoulder and arm machines. After the weight training I used the elliptical as I listened to a podcast.

The atmosphere in the gym was perfect, it wasn’t too full, but it also wasn’t empty. The only thing missing was the theme song from the Rocky film series blasting through a speaker.

Gonna fly now!

After the workout I immediately felt less stressed than when I came in, the endorphins generated on the elliptical had worked wonders.

My experience in Green Lake Fitness really made me miss working out regularly,

I had always enjoyed going to the weight room in high school, but my workout in Green Lake had been my first time in a gym since I cancelled my YMCA membership in February.

I missed the sense of accomplishment that comes after a good workout and the soreness that follows a good workout, letting me know that I pushed myself.

Green Lake Fitness is the perfect place to push yourself, as members are given 24-hour keycard access to the facility.

Casual gym users can purchase a day pass, allowing them to work out in a space with state-of-the-art equipment and free weights, complete with flat-screen TVs, showers and personal training.

For more information about membership options, call 920-807-0008.