The Prune: Don’t wait until prunehood to realize your dreams

Graphic done by Brandi Dolgner

by Todd Sharp

“If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be another year older when you try.”

I heard this quote by ski and snowboarding film maker, Warren Miller on a Moth Podcast.

It is kind of a nice way of saying you’ll be better off “giving it a go” now. Don’t wait until you’re older, more fragile or less able.

Of course, Mr. Miller was talking about adventure, travel and skiing down mountains, but the sentiment applies to most any future plan.

Daydreaming, plotting, financing and fantasizing about moving to a favorite location, building a new house, taking an international vacation, starting a new business venture, or visiting with friends and family take time.

How many opportunities have been lost by waiting too long?

One day, I was going to build a barn so we could have a horse, a milk cow and couple steers. I never did, and lost interest in the venture. Who knows what the future would have been? I could be raising and rustling cattle instead of sitting in front of this computer writing about the possibility.

One day, I was going to start a granola business to make extra money to travel more. I have a great recipe. I filed all the government paperwork, got a food producer’s certification, bought supplies and lined up distribution. Yet, I got bogged down in the fear of not having enough time to work the venture, the high cost of insurance, along with others excuses.

One day, I’m going to turn all these twisted, wrinkled, old Prunes into a book.

One day I’m going to … run out of time. There won’t be another year.

Editor’s note: Todd Sharp was going to buy some steers but that’s a bunch of bull, so instead he is selling advertising for the Green Laker, Express and The Ripon Commonwealth Press.