Splash: Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience? Try ‘glamping’

KRISTIN AND DENNIS Galatowitsch sit in their new 2017 Airstream trailer, which they will rent through Airbnb and HomeAway to give others a one-of-a-kind glamping experience. submitted photo

by Hannah Tetzlaff

Traveling where the weather might take her, from visiting friends in Maine or skiing in Colorado.

This is Kristin Galatowitsch’s dream idea for retirement; one that her husband, Dennis, also shares with her.

After working as an attorney while also running the Princeton store, Twister, with her husband, Kristin began looking toward retirement, imagining herself and Dennis traveling across the United States in a small, comfy camper.

However, Dennis wasn’t as fond of that idea as he was for traveling.

“Dennis told me, Dennis, my husband, he said, ‘I love you, but I don’t want to be in a 16-foot camper with you. We need something bigger,’” Kristin said.

And bigger they went, choosing to purchase a 2017 Airstream trailer, but since they aren’t ready for retirement just yet, the couple decided to use the Airstream as the vehicle for their innovative idea: glamping in Princeton.

“People call it glamping … which is a blend of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping,’ … and glamping defined by comfortable camping is what we’re going to be offering,” Kristin said.

She explained they will be renting out the trailer on Airbnb and HomeAway for $149 for two people per night, and the trailer will be located in a secluded location behind the Galatowitsch’s shop, Twister, at 602 W. Water St., Princeton.

“Princeton is undergoing another resurgence in new businesses and we’ve never really had places to stay in Princeton; we have a bed and breakfast and Acorn Ridge Motel down the way, but we thought ‘Well, why don’t we add something unusual to the mix,’ that would bring people who are looking for this glamping idea … [and] who want to rent an Airstream,” Kristin said. “It’s a big thing. Airstreams are quite popular for Airbnb rentals.”

After searching on the Internet, she added nowhere else in Wisconsin would individuals be able to experience glamping in a vintage-looking camper.

Kristin noted the Airstream is a durable, long-lasting camper with a rounded silver, steel shell.

“Its shell has essentially remained the same since the 1930s when they first came out with it, so it’s very distinctive … [and] it looks like a steel can, if you will, going down the road,” Kristin said. “They’re very beautiful and maintain their beauty for their entire life.”

Though the outer appearance may have remained unchanged for more than 70 years, the current Airstreams, such as the Galatowitsch’s 2017 trailer, boast an updated interior with modern amenities, such as a full bath (sink, toilet and separate shower), kitchen, bedroom and more.

She added renters would also have a campfire pit, an area for grilling and if all goes well with landscaping, they can also enjoy fresh raspberries from the Galatowitsch’s raspberry bushes along with a bar car offering products from local shops in Princeton and the surrounding area.

If glamping in a vintage-looking trailer wasn’t unique enough, then may be the location will be.

Parked behind their store in Princeton, renters are only several yards away from cafes, restaurants and shops located along Water Street, Princeton’s historic downtown.

The Galatowitsches wanted to attract people to Princeton who may not have come if it weren’t for the innovative glamping opportunity, and give those individuals a chance to explore the city’s downtown.

“Someone can get up, get a cup of coffee [and] go for a stroll down by the river,” Kristin said. “We’ve got the flea market here; they can stroll over there. There’s great biking in Green Lake County and in Marquette County, and they can leave right from here and go to a number of different routes that are already pre-marked … They can kayak the Fox River.”

She noted they have two kayaks that will be available for the renters, as well.

The campsite could be used as a home base to stay in town and explore Princeton’s many offerings or leave and tour the natural beauty found in the area and countryside.

“We find there’s so much to do in our community and surrounding communities. And that’s the exciting thing is to get people from outside of our community to come into our community and then share with them all the things we love about Princeton and the surrounding community and all the activities and experiences they can have here,” Kristin said.

Since the couple just recently received approval from the city for a conditional use permit for the operation, the campsite and trailer aren’t set up yet.

However, Kristin and Dennis are planning to have the trailer available to rent on Airbnb and HomeAway by this weekend, June 7-9, once they finish building a fence and landscaping.

Though they may have a few steps left before they offer their one-of-a-kind glamping experience, it hasn’t prevented others from giving their support.

“The people who heard about it, they thought that it was a nice idea,” Kristin said. “They thought it would be an interesting, additional alternative for people coming to town. I mean, there’s just not going to be anything like it. So it’s been positive.”