Pedaling toward a fun summer

JOE SCHULZ TAKES a break from his bike ride around Green Lake by checking out what’s happening in the area. He is excited to be the one to tell readers what fun there is to do as the new Green Laker reporter. submitted photo

by Joe Schulz

Green Lake.

Before December, I had only heard of it a couple of times and I didn’t really know anything about the area.

In December, I interviewed to be the Green Laker reporter, in what might have been the worst job interview of my life. I was battling a throat cold and I sounded like Kermit the Frog as I answered Publisher Tim Lyke’s questions.

Somehow, I got the job! I’m still not quite sure why they chose me, but nonetheless I’m excited to get started.

As someone who didn’t know much about Green Lake beyond what Tim had told me, I knew I had a lot to learn. So, I spent my spring break in Green Lake, and one of the things I did was go on an unforgettable bike ride.

So I met Todd Sharp — Green Laker ad sales guy and former chamber president — at the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at 10:30 a.m., for what I thought was going to be a bike ride around Green Lake — the town.

As I got my bike out of the car, Todd asked me if I was ready for a 23-mile bike ride.

That was when I realized he meant Green Lake the lake, not Green Lake the town.

I assured him that I was.

What I didn’t tell him was that I hadn’t ridden a bike since my freshman year of high school.

As we rode, I not only learned a lot about him, but also about the Green Lake community. We rode past the — now defunct — Heidel House, through Princeton, and past the Green Lake Conference Center.

At one point, we got off the bikes and walked through the remains of the Camp Grow campgrounds. We carried our bikes through the abandoned campsite, walking over plenty of branches, and popped out in a random neighborhood, before getting back on the bikes.

I managed to keep up with Todd for most of the ride, which was difficult considering he’s an avid biker who has pedalled the Rocky Mountains.

There were a few times that we had to stop … Well I had to stop because my knees just didn’t want to cooperate after the first 12 miles — darn high school football. Besides me being a wimp, it was a pretty fun ride with beautiful scenery.

One of the things that stuck out to me after spending my spring break in Green Lake was the hospitality. Everyone was super friendly and willing to help me get the lay of the land.

Green Lake is a special place; it felt almost untouched by the bitterness and divisiveness the rest of the country seems to be going through.

After a week in Green Lake, I could honestly say that my only goal for this summer is to make the people of Green Lake proud.

I can’t wait for the summer to get going and I can’t wait to get started telling everyone’s stories.

I want to really immerse myself in Green Laker country and let the people of the area get to know me.

So, if anyone has story ideas or anything that they think I should cover feel free to reach out.

My phone number is 920-573-7270 and my email is