Green Lake 100

Riders of the Green Lake 100 can ride through scenic Green Lake country.

by Joe Schulz

Bikers of all skill levels may test their stamina Sunday, May 26 at the third-annual Green Lake 100 bike ride.

The event features not only a bike ride around Green Lake, but participants also will be treated to food, beer and live music after the ride.

The Green Lake 100 officially begins at 7 a.m. at Green Lake’s Deacon Mill Park, but participants may register until 10 a.m. and begin their ride.

Riders will receive a pair of Green Lake 100 socks when they register for the event, as well as a food voucher and milkweed bombs.

A milkweed bomb is a small ball made of clay, compost and seeds. It can be casually thrown into an area and milkweeds are grown as a result.

Riders will throw their bombs at specific points along the trail, which will help conservation efforts for bee habitats.

Milkweed Matters Executive Director Kelly Green Guilbeau noted her organization partnered with the Green Lake 100, and that high school students in an environmental studies class at Princeton High School rolled the milkweed bombs.

“This is our first outreach effort in Wisconsin, actually, and we are very excited about the expansion and the positive response that Green Lake has shown so far,” Guilbeau said.

Participants will be treated to the scenic beauty of Green Lake as they choose between four routes depending on their skill level.

Bikers can choose between The Minnow, The Perch, The Lake Trout or The Muskellunge. Each route gives riders the opportunity to take in the elegance of Green Lake as they push themselves.

The Minnow is the shortest route, allowing riders to loop Green Lake. The Perch is the second shortest, taking riders to Princeton and back. The Lake Trout is the second longest route taking riders through Princeton to Longbranch Saloon in Germania and back. The Muskellunge is the longest route clocking in at 100 miles. It follows The Lake Trout journey, but also includes an excursion through the White River Marsh.

Todd Sharp, who helped plan the event, noted it’s a great opportunity for people to take in the natural beauty of Green Lake.

“A lot of people have always wanted to loop the lake,” Sharp said. “Collectively we can do it and probably provide a little more safety in numbers.”

There will be rest stops roughly every 20 miles along the routes, featuring food, water and sports drinks to help fuel riders for the rest of the route.

Routes will be marked in order to make drivers aware that the ride is going on, and support vehicles will be available to assist riders along various points on the ride.

After the ride, participants will be treated to a Wisconsin backyard barbecue and local craft beer. There also will be live music performed by local musician Dan Braaksma.

The idea for the Green Lake 100 originated when Sharp participated in the Door County Century Bike Ride, and someone suggested a similar event in Green Lake.

When the suggestion was made Sharp said, “Find me a beer sponsor and we’ll have one in Green Lake.”

About a month later he was on the phone with New Belgium Brewing Co., best known for its amber ale Fat Tire.

“We worked out a deal and they came on as a beer sponsor,” Sharp said.

Fat Tire sponsored the event the first two years but will not be sponsoring it this year, he said.

The fact that Green Lake 100 lost its beer sponsor hasn’t put a damper on the event for Sharp. He just hopes for a change that Mother Nature won’t either,

He noted the weather somehow always has bedeviled the event. He remembers the first year of the event, when he camped at Sherwood Park and woke up to pouring rain.

“It rained until 10 a.m. and then everybody had left by 10 a.m. and then it opened up,” Sharp said. “It turned into a really nice day and it was nice and sunny.”

Sharp added good weather would just add to the scenic enjoyment that Green Lake has to offer.

“It’s a beautiful area,” he said. “The whole area is beautiful to ride.”

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