Lake trout biting well in Big Green Lake

DAKOTA KRUPP, 16, of Fond du Lac shows off the 45-inch musky he caught while fishing on the Fourth of July in Little Green Lake. submitted photo

by Ariana Hones

Big Green Lake

What’s hot: Lake trout and walleye

What’s not: White bass

Guide’s Corner:

Dennis Walker, Dennis Walker Pontoon Guide Service on Big Green Lake, 294-0611

According to Walker, “Lake trout are biting well out on Big Green.”

Some big lake trout have been caught on cowbells with minnows or fresh cisco.

Walker also noted walleye are “hitting fairly good” in 20 to 50 feet of water on the bottom with a nightcrawler harness with nightcrawler or leeches.

“Walleye also are catching over the top and edges of weeds on a dragging nightcrawler harness in water 20 to 30 feet deep,” he said.

Northern pike also are picking up and biting on large suckers or chubs trolling slow over weed lines and deeper water.

Smallmouth bass, meanwhile, are biting over the rocks on hellgrammites and leeches on a plain hook as people are either anchored or trolling along the rocky shoreline.

Panfish, on the other hand, are biting on the edges or in the weeds, while white bass are starting to show up in the deep water and will get better as minnows begin to show up over the deep water.

Mike Norton’s Fishing and Hunting Adventures,, 920-295-3617

Norton noted Lake Trout are consistently biting well on dodgers and minnows in water from 100 to 150 feet , as well as on or near the bottom between 50 to 60 feet.

He also echoed the sentiments of Walker in that white bass are just starting to show up in the deep water and will caught on flashers with spinners.

Little Green Lake

What’s hot: Musky, walleye

What’s not: Everything else

Guide’s Corner:

Todd Schulz, Landing on Little Green Lake, 920-398-2620

After a week of rain, things have been a little slow on Little Green, but with clear skies ahead, “fishing is starting to pick up again” according to Schulz of Landing on Little Green.

Muskies are biting on top-water bait, while bluegill are consistently being caught on wax worms and red worms.

Schulz also noted people are starting to catch perch on “little chunks of crawler.”

Walleye are biting in the middle of the lake on crawler harnesses.

Fun Fish Joke:

Have you ever met a shy fish? They are very koi.


Fun Fish Fact:

The largest fish is the great whale shark. It can grow to 50-feet long. The tiny Philippine goby is about the size of your pinky fingernail.