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Sue Kuehn shows the truth of her shirt as she smiles among just one section of her extensive collection. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones “Da da DAH!” That’s Sue Kuehn. Affectionally, the M&M Lady from Berlin. As she walks up the stairs to her expansive second floor collection of […]

Kuehn keeps it sweet with hobby

CALVIN LARSON GUIDES Joey the Clydesdale during one of the Larson family’s 37 years worth of shows at their farm just southeast of Ripon. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones The year is 1988. Two Clydesdale horses are en route from their native Scotland to the United States. More precisely: […]

Larsons find fame with their four-legged friends

Patti Garro will be portraying Maria Wicks during the 2018 Cemetery Walk. submitted photo by Ariana Hones A reprinted 1938 cookbook, milk bottle caps, chocolate bars and a walk through a cemetery. The connection lies in Princeton. The city of Princeton, with high hopes to continue four years of restoration […]

Tales of the dead

JULIA KOSKI, Woodland Hills, Calif. enjoys the monkey bars at Green Lake’s Playground Park, one of the Green Lake County summer park challenge stops. Her dad, Charlie, watches. Tim Lyke photo by Ariana Hones Summer days of sun-soaked skin and catching fireflies late into the evening only to wake up […]

Checking off a youthful bucket list

JEAN ADAMS, LEFT, and daughter Rachel Nitz stand in the dining room at Adam’s Rib in Green Lake. The business was opened 40 years ago as a bar, but now offers lunches and dinners as well. Ian Stepleton photos by Ian Stepleton ians@riponprinters.com Jean Adams remembers one of her early […]

Adam’s Rib celebrates 40 years in Green Lake

NOW CO-OWNING SPECIAL Properties together are, from left, Sarah Loberg, founder Lynn Grout and Jeffrey Shadick. Ian Stepleton photo by Ian Stepleton ians@riponprinters.com Historically, Special Properties in Green Lake may have been best known for two things. First, for selling beautiful lake properties on Big Green. And, second, for Lynn […]

Special Properties expands ownership, market area

DAKOTA KRUPP, 16, of Fond du Lac shows off the 45-inch musky he caught while fishing on the Fourth of July in Little Green Lake. submitted photo by Ariana Hones Big Green Lake What’s hot: Lake trout and walleye What’s not: White bass Guide’s Corner: Dennis Walker, Dennis Walker Pontoon […]

Lake trout biting well in Big Green Lake