A little party will be permitted

Green Lake association staff, including Development Manager Josh Schubring, Project Manager Alison Niescier and Executive Director Stephanie Prellwitz serve up a cheers for their Aug. 4 Prohibition Party Gala. Ariana Hones photo

by Ariana Hones

From just across Gatsby’s West Egg lawn, he could see the shimmery green light on Daisy’s East Egg dock.

The light, a symbol of all that he desired.

On Saturday, Aug. 4, a night of revelry, the Green Lake Association (GLA) Prohibition Party will take place. It marks the organization’s ninth-annual fund-raising gala.

Much like the Great Gatsby party-going counterparts of a century ago, gentle people of Green Lake and the surrounding area have the opportunity to join together to dance the night away.

This time, in the name of clean water for years to come.

As the night begins, heads will bob with perfectly coiled pin curls while waxed mustaches will hold steady as bodies begin to sway.

It is hard not to dance when thinking about the delirious joy from prohibition mischief.

“The Green Lake Association’s annual gala is first and foremost a celebration,” GLA Project Manager Alison Niescier said. “I hope that our guests learn about the great work being done to restore Green Lake’s water quality, but most importantly have fun.”

This “bootlegger bash” will take place in the Shoreline Boat Center Showroom and although it is not equipped with underground tunnels for a quick escape, the grand company in attendance will be sure to make guests want to stay well into the evening.

From 5 to 10 p.m., guests may enjoy cocktails and cuisine as well as live music from the Gatsby Gang, a live auction, project pledge and “bucket and booze” raffles.

“The prohibition-themed party is one that my colleagues and I have have been dreaming up for a few years now,” Niescier said. “It is such a fun theme for dressing up and designing decorations. Not to mention the era has great music to dance to.”

Donning costumes is encouraged, but not required.

So rustle up grandmother’s fringe blouse, the cloche hats from the corner of the basement, that vintage fedora and the bow tie that begs to be worn outside of the once-a-year summer wedding.

And though many may find satisfaction with just dancing the night away, those looking for a little competition can compete for best dressed to win a prize.

While Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan live only in the pages of Fitzgerald fiction, their desire for a community event lives on through the GLA’s Prohibition Party.

As Gatsby dreamed of a life across the bay with Daisy, the association envisions “a community that actively cares for [the] watershed and a healthy, clean lake for living, playing, working, and building family legacies.”

When it came down to it, Gatsby was all about that blonde-haired beauty.

The association has a less elusive dream: water quality.

“I was blown away by the generosity of our gala guests last year,” Niescier said. “It was incredibly moving to witness people coming together to make such a substantial investment in this natural resource that’s at the center of our community.

“We will be launching three pillar projects at the gala. These new initiatives aim to mobilize local producers, battle harmful pollutants and defend Green Lake’s waters against invasive species.”

With funds going towards supporting an organization that uses local- and state-level community collaboration to educate on the watershed, participate in family-centered “green team” outings and offer lake management since 2011.

There is only one thing to do at this year’s gala: Cue the green light.