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A line of fellows focus on their shots while trying to “Sink the Bismarck” in the Mill Pond next to Playground Park. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Ariana Hones As people around the United States gear up to celebrates America’s birthday to remember the freedoms both won and still fighting for, […]

Flags won’t be all that’s flying July 4th

An indigo Bunting is spotted by members of the Green Lake Bird Club. submitted photo by Ariana Hones It is 4 a.m. and Tom Schultz is already heading out the door. A birder of more than 40 years, he knows the best times to hear the birds of Wisconsin singing. […]

All eyes on the birds

Dan Solberg REMOVES a pizza from a wood fire at Vines & Rushes Winery. The pizza stove, which bakes pizzas at 750 degrees, was imported to Vines & Rushes from a father-son business in Salerno, Italy. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones The year was 2007. Ryan Prellwitz, a Ripon […]

No sour grapes at Vines & Rushes

Performing Native American folk music before the start of “The Last Animals” are, from left, Annie Humphrey, Wade and Quintin Fernandez. Ariana Hones photo by Ariana Hones What invokes dialogue? What inspires action? These questions served as guide for the creation of “The Last Animals,” the premiere film of the […]

White Rhi-no!

GREEN LAKER REPORTER Ariana Hones, left, and Adele Parks capture a moment of their kayak skills being fruitful as they make it to shore. Their docking skills? That was a different story. Adele Parks photo by Ariana Hones “What have we done?” I exclaimed as the double kayak slowly, yet […]

Kayaking adventure almost slips away for reporter and friend

THE PRE PRUNE, second from left, endures a walk in Mitchell’s Glen with “old people:” His parents and brother, Dana. submitted photo by Todd Sharp Every year there’s an article in the Green Laker about someone’s personal experience with Mitchell Glen off Skunk Hollow road. Here’s my take on this […]

The Prune: The Prune rediscovers the magic of Mitchell Glen

THE MCGATH family gathers around its catch after a fishing adventure with Mike Norton. Pictured are, front row, Darryl, Mike, Dean; back row, Gary, Dale and Dick. Dick is from Oregon and Darryl is from Minnesota, while the rest are from Wisconsin. submitted photo by Ariana Hones Big Green Lake […]

Fishing is good as a whole on area lakes

Ben Siebers, hydrologic technician at the U.S. Geologic Survey; Mahta Naziri Saeed, graduate student at Michigan Tech; Dale Robertson, research hydrologist at the USGS; and Cory McDonald, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Michigan Tech install a monitoring buoy on the west end of Big Green as part […]

Oh buoy! Watch out, Green Lake Association warns

GLA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Stephanie Prellwitz: “doing nothing or not doing enough will tip Green Lake’s water quality in the wrong direction.” Hannah Tetzlaff photo by Hannah Tetzlaff hannahtetz@riponprinters.com Toxic algae blooms close beaches, cause rashes on contact and poison animals. Major fish kills and a devastated fishing industry due to […]

GL Association unveils three-prong plan to improve Green Lake’s ...