Lake Trout fishing is heating up on Big Green

TOM MABBIT holds up a 10 pound lake trout that he caught during a fishing excursion with Mike Norton on Memorial Day. Mike Norton photo

by Ariana Hones

Big Green Lake
What’s hot: Lake Trout

What’s not: Walleye and northern pike

Guide’s Corner:

Dennis Walker, Dennis Walker Pontoon Guide Service on Big Green Lake, 294-0611

According to Walker, Green Lake’s signature fish is starting to heat up.

“Lake Trout are the biggest improvement,” he said.

People are trolling the lake for lake trout with cowbells and planer boards.

Walleye and northern pike are tougher to catch, but are biting on pinkie jigs.

On the inlet bridge, by County A, people have had luck catching bass, walleye, and northern pike.

“It is going to pick up once this water clears up,” Walker said. “Right now, the lake is a mess with moss, weeds, and limbs after the big holiday weekend and not a lot of wind.

“We are just out trolling right now and need the wind to clean up the lake. The water is close to 70 degrees and once we get above 70 and get some rain or a storm it will be much more visible and we should see some biting improvements.”

Mike Norton’s Fishing and Hunting Adventures,, 920-295-3617

A 10-pound lake trout had just been caught when Norton got on the phone for the fishing report.

“Both smaller and larger lake trout are biting well on the lake in 60 to 100 feet of water near the bottom,” he said.

White bass are on the shoreline in the southeast corner of the lake and are biting on pinkies and spinners.

Smallmouth bass are on the shoreline by the piers. Planer boards are being used to troll the lake for walleye and northern pike.

Joel Baranowski, North Bay Sport and Liquor

Smallmouth bass and walleye are biting from the shoreline to 20 feet of water.

They are being caught with leeches and night crawlers.

Northern pike are biting up in the weeds with spinners and chubs. Bluegills and crappies may be found under the docks spawning.

White bass are on the shorelines and are biting on small minnows or spinner bait.

Little Green Lake

What’s hot: Bluegill

What’s not: Nothing

Guide’s Corner:

Todd Schulz, Landing on Little Green Lake, 920-398-2620.

Bluegill are spawning on the bed of the lake and in the shallows. It is biting on wax worms, plastic worms, and chunks of crawler.

Largemouth bass also are on the beds and biting on leeches and plastic worms.

Walleye are in deeper water in the deep weed lines and are biting on leeches with a flip bobber.

Muskies also are biting.

“We had a the Musky Tournament [two weeks ago] and three were caught with one more [last week],” Schulz said

Fun Fish Joke:

What TV game show do fish like best?

Name that tuna.


Fun Fish Fact:

The oldest fishhook ever found dates back to about 42,000 years ago and the oldest known age for a fish was an Australian lungfish.

In 2003, it was still alive and well at 65 years old.