A dream inching closer to reality

GREEN LAKE RENEWAL Development and Marketing Manager Jorge Guiterrez shows off a rendering of the future Mill Pond Terrace. Construction on the project began earlier this month. Ariana Hones photo

by Ariana Hones

Anyone who has driven past downtown Green Lake in recent weeks has viewed a new sight or rather the foundation of a new vision for the community: The Mill Pond Terrace.

Currently in its skeletal stage, the Mill Pond Terrace is one of the many projects of Green Lake Renewal, a non-profit organization headquartered in Town Square.

The idea for the terrace was first dreamed up when Green Lake Renewal wanted to revision the unused space between Town Square and the Mill Pond.

It came up with the idea of a multipurpose venue that could host concerts, food trucks, the farmer’s market and special events.

Green Lake Renewal spent the past year fund-raising at events such as the White Hot Party. Due to donors’ generosity, it likely will achieve its goal to finish phase one of the Mill Pond Terrace by the end of the summer.

This first phase will be hardscaping with items such as plumbing and electricity.

One reason hardscaping is important is planners want food trucks to be able to drive up and connect to electric and plumbing lines.

Phase two will include landscaping and outdoor seating. As this works begins, Green Lake Renewal organizers are continually thinking about how to maintain the space and get the community interacting with it so that it becomes an integral part of the town.

The mission for Green Lake Renewal is to revitalize downtown and enhance the economy and quality of life for its residents and visitors. Its work serves as the umbrella for many important happenings in Green Lake.

Green Lake Renewal is responsible for the Town Square Community Center, which hosts the 24-hour fitness center and commercial kitchen as well as a retail store.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the work that Green Lake Renewal does, and what the Mill Pond Terrace will contribute to, is its spirit of innovation and community centered development.

Jorge Guiterrez, development and marketing manager at Green Lake Renewal, said he hopes the community of Green Lake will continue to engage with organizations such as Green Lake Renewal because the spaces they are creating are for everyone.

Guiterrez described the Mill Pond Terrace as a place that will be centrally located, offer beautiful views and hopefully be a space for people to “come in and make it their home.”

“We are bringing in more people and are attracting more tourists,” Guiterrez said.

But in order to continue to do this, Green Lake Renewal wants to expand upon old traditions and create new ones.

The unused lot of Town Square will be transformed into the Mill Pond Terrace that will be a space for gathering and carry with it a commitment to community.

Guiterrez sees this space as just one way to create more memories in Green Lake and support new ways to expand the community’s values.