Fishing could pick up a bit in coming weeks

by Reagan Zimmerman

Big Green Lake

What’s hot: Walleye and smallmouth bass

What’s not: White bass

Guide’s Corner:

Dennis Walker, Dennis Walker Pontoon Guide Service on Big Green Lake, 294-0611

According to Walker, nothing has changed within the past few weeks.

“There is nothing really biting or really great,” he said.

The best bite is walleye when using nightcrawler harnesses trolling along the weedlines or just off the bottom in 20 to 40 feet of water.

“[Walleye fishing] is typically an early morning or late night bite; that is the best bite,” Walker said.

Northern pike fishing, meanwhile, is slow, but Walker expects it to pick up within the next few weeks.

The fish may be found by trolling chubs or suckers in 20 to 40 feet of water.

Walker also expects bluegill to begin biting more as they start to move in toward the weed line. The guide recommends using trout or earthworms with a drop shot into shallow water.

In addition, lake trout are transitioning into spawning mode and are moving into deeper water and will be easier to catch soon.

Anglers must be aware that lake trout season closes at the end of September.

Smallmouth bass, on the other hand, are slowing down for the season because leeches are out of season, so the only bait available are hellgrammites, small minnows or chubs.

The bass are beginning to move into deeper water for the fall so the best place to drop a line is right off of Sugar Loaf.

Mike Norton, Mike Norton’s Fishing Adventure, 295-3617

Norton, a veteran Big Green Lake fishing guide agrees with Walker that lake trout have been slow.

“The lake trout are in fairly deep water right now,” Norton said. “[They are in] about 100 to 140 feet of water.”

Lake trout are moving in position to spawn but are not biting well right now.

Walleye on the other hand, are biting well.

Norton recommends trolling with a nightcrawler harness along the weedlines.

He also noted cisco are really schooled up right now in front of the town of Green Lake.

They can be found in 80 feet of water or deeper by jigging a Swedish pimple No. 7.

Norton expects lake trout to pick up within the next weeks before the season is over and hopes the walleye fishing will last into the next month.

Little Green Lake

What’s hot: Largemouth bass

What’s not: Walleyes and crappies

Guide’s Corner:

Todd Schulz, Landing on Little Green Lake, 920-398-2620.

According to Schulz, musky have been a pretty good bite recently.

The best bait for musky are minnows. The fish may be found above the rocks.

Schulz added that the bass fishing has been pretty consistent. The fish may be found underneath the piers with artificial worms.

The guide also noted that there still are some bluegill and perch being caught in about 10 feet of water.

Red worms are the best bait for the bluegill, while minnows or chunks of nightcrawler are the best for perch.

Walleye and crappie have been the slowest through the past few weeks and Schulz does not expect those two fish to pick up before the season is over.

He does believe musky fishing will speed up within the next few weeks.

Fun Fish Facts:

Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds. Humans have around 7,000.