Up, up and aweigh!

Pewaukee Lake Water Ski club stacks up a pyramid for the finale; Batman (secret identity Mike Strauss) carries Kayla Asbach to safety after showing off some super-powered moves during the doubles performance. Reagan Zimmerman and Rudy Winther photos

by Reagan Zimmerman

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club swooping in to save the day!

Batman and Superman visited Green Lake July 29 for the 10th-annual Green Lake Water Ski Show.

They were followed by a pack of the Riddler’s rowdy henchmen and henchwomen and caused a huge scene at Hattie Sherwood Beach.

People watched from the shoreline and water as the story unfolded and the crime-stopping superpowers battled the Riddler and his crew to victory.

The waters of Dartford Bay and the beach and piers along South Lawson Drive were packed with people watching the show.

According to event coordinator Mike Havey this was one of the most successful years they have ever had.

“I would say there were just under 1,000 people here tonight,” Havey said. “It was amazing to see the amount of people from all over come just to see the show.”

Havey was overwhelmed by how great the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club was and how well they adapted to the new area.

“They are not all used to the waters or the barges so this was hard to adjust to. They did a great job though,” Havey said.

Havey is hoping for even more people to come out next year for the next big extravaganza to celebrate one of Green Lake’s finest treasures, the Water Ski Show.