Long distance? No problem!

Green Lake’s waters are splattered with an array of colors from the swim caps of the 263 participants. photo Reagan Zimmerman

by Reagan Zimmerman

Wetsuits, bicycles and running shoes were all that could be seen in the swarms of Ripon Medical Center Triathlon participants.

The Green Lake Conference Center hosted the 19th-annual RMC Triathlon July 23, welcoming 258 individual and five team finishers.

Participants were given the choice of competing as individuals or as teams in the Olympic distance (1.5k swim, 24.8-mile bike ride and 10k run) or sprint distance triathlon (.5k swim, 15-mile bike ride and 5k run).

Ed Alyanak of Bellbrook, Ohio, and Christine Sonnemann of Sheboygan, Wis., were the top overall male and female finishers in the Olympic Distance Individual category, while Kenneth Laczkowski of Madison and  Kimberly Kershek of Helenville, Wis., finished first in the Sprint Distance Individual category.

The Olympic Distance Relay Team division had one team participating: The Dave Wright Project from Green Lake. The J’s from Thiensville, Wis., won the Sprint Distance category.

The top-five male and female finishers in each category as well as the places of local-area competitors are:

Olympic Distance Individual

Males (out of 63 participants): 1. Ed. Alyanak of Bellbrook, Ohio (2 hours, 15 minutes, 36 seconds); 2. Garrett Nelson of Black Earth, Wis. (2:17:36); 3. Christopher Schwartz of Hancock, Mich. (2:21:47); 4. Will Nelson of

Sun Prairie, Wis. (2:27:59); 5. Brett Bruininks of Minneapolis, Minn. (2:28:56); 29. Kevin Polston of Ripon (2:52:21); 40. Thomas Kloosterboer of Markesan (3:00:09); 54. Marc Jennings of Ripon (3:26:01).

Females (out of 36 participants): 1. Christine Sonnemann of Sheboygan, Wis. (2:28:44); 2. Chase Kinney of Madison, Wis. (2:30:34); 3. Jennifer Yee of Menomonee Falls, Wis. (2:31:41); 4. Lisa Christensen of Waukesha,

Wis. (2:40:46); 5. Melissa Marggraf of Sturgeon Bay, Wis. (2:45:39); 31. Jane Bradley of Ripon (3:35:23).

Olympic Distance Relay

Mixed (one team): 1. The David Wright Project of Green Lake and Chicago (3:13:53).

Sprint Distance Individual

Males (out of 85 participants): 1. Kenneth Laczkowski of Madison, Wis. (1:08:11); 2. Cody Clauer of Rubicon, Wis. (1:10:08); 3. Andrew Porn of Madison, Wis. (1:11:45); 4. Zeus Arreguin of Madison, Wis. (1:14:25); Mark

Meyer (1:14:37); 57. Charles Lovell of Pickett (1:39:16); 70. Jeremy Jensen of Ripon (1:47:55).

Females (out of 73 participants): 1. Kimberly Kershek of Helenville, Wis. (1:23:50); 2. Marla Meyer (1:26:31); 3. Anna Asleson of Rochester, Minn. (1:27:26); 4. Jessica Kwasny of Menasha, Wis. (1:28:42); 5. Pwnny

Dunne-Muzi of Germantown, Wis. (1:30:27); 7. Andrea Young of Ripon (1:33:52); 14. Sally Moore of Green Lake (1:36:33); 24. Kristi Ebbott of Ripon (1:41:14); 28. Melissa Timmons of Ripon (1:42:57).

Sprint Distance Relay

Mixed (out of five teams): 1. Team the J’s of Thiensville, Wis. (1:24:40); Team Ruggan of Green Bay, Wis. (1:33:51); 3. Winning Weasels of Verona, Wis. (1:40:48); 4. Team Crash Bandicoot of Plymouth, Wis. (1:48:48); 5.

Team Dobner of Hartford, Wis. (2:22:02).