Lake Trout bite better than expected right now

From left, Carson Halum, Brady Halum and Tavin Chip of Indianapolis show off their impressive lake trout they caught during their fishing adventure with Dennis Walker. submitted photo

by Reagan Zimmerman

Big Green Lake

What’s hot: Lake Trout and Smallmouth

What’s not: Northern Pike and White Bass

Guide’s Corner:

Mike Norton, Mike Norton’s Fishing Adventure, 295-3617

According to deep water Big Green Lake fishing guide Mike Norton, the lake trout fishing has been incredible.

“Lake trout fishing is excellent for this time of year,” Norton said.

They can be found just off the bottom at 75 to 120 feet of water with a flasher and minnow.

Norton and his crew have been catching close to one lake trout an hour, which is good considering the population is down.

“We are also catching a few white bass near the surface within 25 feet,” Norton said.

Anglers can use small flicker shads as bait.

Flicker shads are bait typically used for walleye as well.

Dennis Walker, Dennis Walker Pontoon Guide Service on Big Green Lake, 294-0611

Smallmouth bass have been one of the best bites throughout the past few weeks.

Leeches are the primary bait Walker uses, but leeches are going out of season, so he recommends hellgrammites as an alternative.

“We have been catching bass over the rocks in 10 to 20 feet of water,” Walker said. “Also along the weeds by the [Green Lake Conference Center].”

Lake trout have been popular, too.

“The lake trout bite has been a lot better than it should be for this time of the year,” Walker said.

Walker said that some days are better than others, but lakers can be found in deeper water with cowbells and minnows.

Walleye still are being caught, but not as much.

They are found by trawling along the weed lines with nightcrawler harnesses.

Panfish are biting along the shore and weed lines in shallow water with trout worms.

Northern pike have turned around from the last few weeks and slowed down, and so have white bass.

“White bass should be biting better than they are,” Walker said. “I think the numbers are low so that is why they are hard to catch.”

Hopefully everything will pick up again before the season is over.

Little Green Lake

What’s hot: Bluegill and Perch

What’s not: Crappies

Guide’s Corner:

Todd Schulz, Landing on Little Green Lake, 920-398-2620.

“The bluegill were pretty good last week,” Little Green fishing guide Todd Schulz said regarding what has been active on the lake.

Anglers have been using red worms in about 10 feet of water.

Perch also are being found in the shallow areas, along with the bluegill.

The best bait for perch is minnows, according to Schulz.

Muskies were being caught last week in the rock piles and in 12 to 15 feet of water.

“The biggest muskie caught was about 52 inches, which I believe is close to the lake record,” Schulz said.

Walleye still are active along the weed lines but are not as big as the last few weeks.

Anglers have been using leeches as primary bait.

Bass are being found underneath piers while using plastic worms as well.

The only fish in the lake that have been slow are the crappies.

“We are kind of on a little downfall in the crappie season, so I don’t think it is going to pick up for the rest of the summer,” Schulz said.

Fun Fish Facts:

A fish can drown in water. Like humans, fish need oxygen, so if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, they will suffocate.