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ABOVE, THERESA Merrill, owner of the Steel Magnolia food truck, leans out the order window. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman What sounds better than a Monte Cristo sandwich that is full of hot ham and cheese with powdered sugar and jelly? A Monte Cristo sandwich served between two slices […]

Hot southern meals on wheels

Jerry Sanders favorite part about the Fairwater Water Wheel property is the rivers music that is constantly being played through its currents. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Debussy is not only played by a symphony. The river that flows through the famous Laper property in Fairwater creates a natural […]

Fairwater river no longer makes water wheel move…

Four different hand-crafted speakers are displayed with a prototype Woofer placed in between the group. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman News Flash! Internationally acclaimed speakers are being produced in your backyard! Princeton Audio took home third place at the 2014 International Design Awards in Los Angeles with its handmade […]

Carving out great sound

Preparing for the annual White Hot Party at the “Renew Crew Party” are, from left, David Lloyd, Joan Lloyd, Jo Ellen Madden, Carole Sotter, Phil Burkart and Mary Kay Burke. The party will take place Saturday, July 15. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman White wine, white decor, white clothes […]

White Hot Party aims to pave way for new party ...

GREEN LAKE COUNTY Health and Human Services intern Joe Lovas prepares for a boat ride, properly equipped with his life jacket for public safety. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman What is public health? Is it health care or hygiene? According to Kathy Munsey, a health officer with Green Lake […]

Public health is all around GL

MARISSA DAVIS STANDS next to Mike Norton and the 15-pound catfish she caught while fishing with the Green Lake guide June 1. Reagan Zimmerman photo Reagan Zimmerman Lake-trout fishing wasn’t always easy on Big Green Lake. In fact, people couldn’t catch them at all. From the time they were first […]

An unexpected cat(ch)

Green Lake Resident Brittny Gerig says she snapped this photo of a bear (circled) June 5 near the Puchyan River on Highway 23. submitted photo by Maic D’Agostino I wish I could say it was journalistic instinct. But when I heard Green Lake Police Chief Mike Ratter utter the word […]

The Splash

by Todd Sharp I shaved off my mustache. Now my first impression to the world is completely bare. I took off a mask, leaving a raw, naked, transparent feeling my face and psyche haven’t felt since 1975 when I was in 8th grade. I’m facing the world without barrier, style, […]

The Prune

The continuous monitoring buoys provide high-resolution data documenting short-term fluctuations in oxygen, water temperature and seasonal trends. submitted photo by Alison Thiel Those recreating near Green Lake’s Dartford Bay or Sandstone Bluff may have noticed a new presence floating by. The areas have become home to two temporary monitoring buoys […]

Isolated Green Lake buoys measure water quality

by Reagan Zimmerman Big Green Lake What’s hot: walleye, panfish and bluegill What’s not: cisco and white bass Guide’s Corner: Mike Norton’s Fishing and Hunting Adventures, www.biggreenlakefishing.com, 920-295-3617. Lake trout fishing is either hot or not. Fishing guide, Mike Norton said that people are catching one to four lake trout […]

Guides: Fishing has been hit or miss as of late