Trail leads to new location, better opportunity for candy shoppe

Customers may enjoy the shop furnishings as they order their coffee drink at the counter of the new Guth’s End of the Trail Candy Shoppe at 509 Mill St. It recently moved from next to Sharkz to the former home of Sugar Lips. Hannah Tetzlaff photo

by Hannah Tetzlaff
Green Lake Reporter

From the harbor to the shore, Guth’s End of the Trail Candy Shoppe is hauling in more customers with its move to downtown Green Lake.

After having been located by the Green Lake Marina near Sharkz for three years, it snatched the opportunity to transition into its new building at 509 Mill St., which was formerly Sugar Lips.

The move was a result of the expiration of its old lease and because of the shoppe’s dependence on weather.

“When the weather was bad, the business was bad because we basically worked with the boaters,” said Steve Guth, owner of Guth’s Candy Shoppe in Waupun and Green Lake. “Now, we have city people that we never had before. The last two weekends have been super busy because the lake people are back. We left our location, but they have found us at our new one.

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STEVE GUTH PLAYS with freshly made caramel corn. The popcorn is his favorite candy to make.  Hannah Tetzlaff photo


Guth added he is pleased with the new site and all that it has to offer.

“It was surprising when we looked at the building,” he said. “This building is everything that we always wanted … It has production capabilities in the back, retail upstairs and it came with a liquor license, so we put a martini bar in upstairs … We, also, have WiFi, and will be doing a full line of bakery … malts, flurries; we’re doing the whole gig here.”

Guth and his family celebrated the move of the shoppe with a grand opening Memorial Day Weekend. The shoppe offered many treats and hosted a live radio show as well.

The opening of its second family-run candy shoppe holds great meaning for Guth and his family.

“[It’s a] good sense of pride,” he said. “Good sense of family tradition. We take pride in our customer service.”

With the new location and building comes new changes and additions such as flavored popcorn and in-house baking.

Out of the numerous desserts and candies that the shop sells, the popcorn is Guth’s favorite one to make.

“I’m a caramel corn guy,” he said. “My daughter makes most of the other stuff, but the first thing I make is a couple hundred pounds of caramel corn in the morning, so that is really my favorite thing to make … It’s fun to make. It’s a creation; it’s my own recipe. A lot of TLC goes into it, real Wisconsin butter and brown sugar; it’s a great, all-natural piece of candy.”

While caramel corn popcorn is Guth’s favorite creation, it is not the first one he learned to make.

Though it has been many years since he was taught the family trade secrets by his father, he still remembers his earliest experience.

“I pulled [saltwater] taffy over a doorknob when I was 6,” Guth said. “That was the first thing I ever did … My dad used a meat-hook; I used a doorknob. I couldn’t even reach the hook”

The crème saltwater taffy may be found in the shop in the winter, for it can only be made on a sunny day in the winter because the process doesn’t work in humidity.

Like his father before him, Guth carried on the family traditions by sharing the trade secrets to his twin daughters when they were 12 years old.

Guth is trying to create a good future for his family and wishes for the business to continue to thrive and grow with each generation.