Frozen over

Green Lake man recounts the time he plunged through the ice

by Aaron Becker

It’s been 30-some years, and Green Lake’s Dennis Walker still remembers going through the ice.

He spares no dramatics as he tells it like a grizzled war story … 163 feet deep in the middle of Big Green, 30 below zero and nobody around to help.

“I was a lot younger then,” Walker said. “If it happened now, I’d just take a big drink of water and say ‘Adios!’”

The year was 1980.

Walker was ice-fishing between Norton’s restaurant and Sandstone. At the end of the day, he hopped on his snowmobile and proceeded across the lake.

“Rather than watching what was coming up in front of me, I didn’t — until I noticed my snowmobile was going through the ice,” Walker said. “I was on a half-inch of ice.”

He ended up going in. The snowmobile — his wife’s, as he recalls — vanished into the state’s deepest lake. He was soaked, and fought to keep his head above water.

“I had so many clothes on, I couldn’t get out,” he said … Read the exciting conclusion and learn about Green Lake’s current ice conditions in the full story, only in the Jan. 28 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.