Visitors give ideas for improving Green Lake area

Cindy Jaggi, the principal executive officer of Economic Development Partners

by Aaron Becker

Tourists who visit the Green Lake area commonly are highly educated with large amounts of disposable income, and many return year after year.

And they have suggestions to improve that experience, so says the research.

Surveys over the summer and fall have revealed several ideas these folks have for improving the various features in “Green Lake Country” — the name of the organization representing five communities in the Green Lake area: Green Lake, Ripon, Berlin, Princeton and Markesan.

The tourists’ suggestions were shared at a summit of 25 local tourism, business and community leaders Nov. 17.

“Your visitors are not looking for Wisconsin Dells,” said Cindy Jaggi, the principal executive officer of Economic Development Partners (EDP), which has been working with the Green Lake Country Visitors Bureau to study and re-brand the region.

Instead, Jaggi said, “They’re looking for authentic experiences.”

Visitors surveyed offered six specific suggestions to keep people coming back:

1. Downtown improvements: “The visitors thought that a more developed and vibrant downtown in the five communities would be beneficial,” Jaggi said. “There were some places where there were vacancies or businesses that had been there … From an economic development standpoint, this may be where you want to be focusing some of your resources, your time.

“I had to agree with their No. 1 [wish]. The downtowns — while there are good things there — they need a little bit more vibrancy. I thought that was right on” …

Read the full list of tourist ideas, only in the Nov. 26 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press

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