Not Lost Without a Maze

Wade Kaufman, LEFT, and his father Wayne Kaufman stand next to a sign advertising the corn maze, which is coming this fall. Laura Lyke photo

Kaufman Farm steps up after Beechwood Farm decides not to bring back fall corn maze

by Laura Lyke
Green Lake Reporter

For those left heartbroken over the discontinued annual fall corn maze at the Peth’s Beechwood Farm, Ripon dairy farmer Wayne Kaufman says there’s no need to cry just yet — there’s plenty of corn to get lost in at his Ripon farm.

Although primarily a dairy farmer, Kaufman is excited to announce that he will be hosting a thrilling, bigger fall corn maze and other activities throughout the months of September and October.

The corn maze’s grand opening will be Saturday, Sept. 12 at the farm’s new greenhouse, “Petals & Plows,” which is located on Kaufman Road between Ripon and Berlin on Kaufman Road.

“The corn maze is completely plowed and ready to go,” Kaufman said. “We have 6 ½ walkable miles in our field.”

The starting point is located at the family’s greenhouse, where visitors can choose to attempt one of three mazes: the kitty maze, outlining a friendly sheep; the medium maze, designed as one of the family’s cows and a dog; or the difficult maze, outlining a tractor and a design of the Kaufman Farm.

“We’ve never done anything like this before, but we’re very excited about it,” Kaufman said. “Two guys from Idaho came in and used a GPS to created an intricate design for this fall’s corn maze. Then, they plowed it straight through from 10 a.m. on one day until 2:30 a.m. the next day. Now we’re all ready to go.”

Although excited for the corn maze, Kaufman assures that the fall activities at the farm don’t end there.

“On Saturdays and Sundays, we’ll host live music to accompany our farm’s fun activities,” the farmer said, “Wellspring Farm will be coming out with their horses to give carriage rides, animals will be out for petting, we’ll have beautiful mums for sale at our greenhouse and Keith Schreiner will come out and make guests brick oven pizzas … it will just be a really fun time.”

Kaufman also anticipates having pick-your-own pumpkins during the October weekends, along with melons and sweet corn for sale.

“We also hope to have kids’ activities at our greenhouse, like face painting,” he said. “It’s our first year putting on an event like this, but we’re going all out and expecting a really great time.”

Kaufman came up with the idea of hosting the fall event completely on his own.

“Planning this — getting ready for the fall and hosting people — is something we’ve never done before, but we’re sure people will really enjoy themselves. I really like doing stuff and keeping busy and truthfully it’s been fun to mix things up from the regular dairy farming and plan our fun-filled fall weekends at the greenhouse.”

Kaufman looks forward to having young and talented singer Kylar Kuzio perform at the Sept. 12 fall opening and other musicians throughout the months of September and October.

“Musician Tim Counter will be performing at some point this fall, as will other local, talented music artists,” he said.

The corn maze and various other activities will be open Saturdays and Sundays throughout September and October, starting Sept. 12.

For more information on the farm’s fall activities, visit “Petals & Plows” on Facebook or contact Wayne Kaufman at 920-290-1571.


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