One-stop clinic and pharmacy opens up

Enjoying the view under the new Agnesian Healthcare sign, completed just minutes earlier, are, from left, clinic supervisor Anna Schultz, superintendent Brad Viau and plant/facilities project manager Dan Loest.  Laura Lyke photo

by Laura Lyke
Green Lake Reporter

In 2000, Markesan acquired the Fond du Lac Regional Clinic on Margaret Street. Just two years later, Agnesian Pharmacy opened on Bridge Street.

Fifteen years later, Agnesian remains an important part of the Markesan community, and is opening its doors to a new Agnesian Healthcare Clinic and Pharmacy, all in one building.

It opened Monday, June 20 and features three exam rooms, a procedure room and a waiting room with special children’s area and accessible parking, as well as a full-service pharmacy.

The new facility will house Dr. Punit Kumar, an internal medicine physician and Amanda Dickerson, an advanced practice nurse prescriber, as well as the Agnesian Pharmacy team currently serving the Markesan community.

Shelly Haberman, supervisor of public relations with Agnesian, noted the new pharmacy is about efficiency and patient confidentiality.

“We made sure that the pharmacy counter has dividers; customer privacy is very important. This will allow us to work with our customers on a confidential basis,” Haberman said. “Then the consult[ation] room is wonderful because a patient can go in there and actually sit down with a pharmacist who can tell them about the medication they’re receiving and answer any questions that they may have. Having that level of privacy is something that is very important to us.”

Haberman also highlighted the advantage of having the pharmacy physically connected to the clinic.

“When someone goes and sees Dr. Kumar or Amanda Dickerson and receives a prescription or a recommended over-the-counter medication, all they have to do is walk across the hall and pick it up,” Haberman said.

The pharmacy retail area will be smaller than Markesan’s current pharmacy, but will have a sharper focus on medical retail.

“We really want to look at what our core function is as a pharmacy and gear our physical space to meeting those needs. We want a place where people can have most of their pharmaceutical needs met,” Haberman said. “We appreciate where the Agnesian pharmacy has gotten us thus far in Markesan but we’re really excited about this new space and the efficiencies that this will not only bring to our team, but also for the people who utilize it.”

Across the hall sits the Agnesian clinic, a space very updated in comparison to the one down the street built just 15 years ago — starting with the waiting and reception area.

“The reception area is nice and spacious and has a common restroom right off the side available to patients,” said Dan Loest, plant/facilities project manager. “Another new feature in this clinic is the door that divides the reception area and the care-giving area. It enables patients to have more privacy and security during their visits.”

The clinic has three identical exam rooms, and a new larger space designed specifically for minor procedures.

“All three exam rooms now are a lot more spacious in comparison to the other clinic’s exam rooms. The other ones were small and not as efficient as these are,” Loest said. “Each room is going to be wired with a computer so the physician and the nurse can work right into the computer putting information into medical record and be talking with the patient at the same time while facing them.”

Anna Schultz, clinic supervisor, explained that the new procedure room doesn’t necessary allow for more serious procedures to be done at the clinic, but does provide an updated space enabling minor procedures to be done more efficiently.

“In the current clinic, they do everything in the exam room, which is smaller,” she said. “The procedure room provides more space and is actually built for procedures with special lighting and equipment.”

Patients who need care beyond what the clinic can provide will continue to have a choice of being referred to the Ripon or Waupun hospitals.

“It depends on people’s preferences and what they’re most comfortable with,” Haberman said. “Markesan is a split market where people can go either way. Agnesian does a wonderful job at bringing the health services locally so basic care and prescriptions can be done here.

“That’s been our philosophy since day one. Let’s get them what we can, and if it’s not available, then let’s have the resources where we can connect them to the larger Agnesian offices.”

Along with the pharmacy’s move, its hours will be changing as well. It will be open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the clinic will continue to be open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The clinic and pharmacy will provide tours and answer questions Tuesday, July 21 for community members who want to see and learn about the new facilities.

“Between the new drive- thru, the more spacious area, the privacy and the more efficient setup, it’s clear how much goes to really helping provide the best patient care,” Haberman said. “That’s what makes this facility so excellent.”


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