From left, Carson Halum, Brady Halum and Tavin Chip of Indianapolis show off their impressive lake trout they caught during their fishing adventure with Dennis Walker. submitted photo by Reagan Zimmerman Big Green Lake What’s hot: Lake Trout and Smallmouth What’s not: Northern Pike and White Bass Guide’s Corner: Mike […]

Lake Trout bite better than expected right now

There are multiple ways of washing boats and other gear, each with its own level of effectiveness. Rinsing equipment with water, such as a hose, will help remove mud and other organisms either out of reach or unseen by a boater. Pressure wash systems more effectively remove unseen organisms from […]

Boat wash stations may be coming to Green Lake

Lu Ellen and John Bold are dressed to impress for the annual Green Lake Association Gala, which will take place Saturday, Aug. 5. This year’s theme is “Get Your Kicks.” Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman The Green Lake Association (GLA) is kicking this summer’s projects into gear while rolling […]

Buckle up for GLA’s ’50-themed gala

The Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club gathers before a show. submitted photo by Reagan Zimmerman Superheros come in all shapes, sizes and ages for the Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club. Its youngest superhero is 3 years old and its oldest is 87. Age won’t stop the members from performing in […]

Holy batman! Superheroes are coming to GL

RACING DOWN THE giant slide last year are, from left, Faith Albright, Tyler Draeger, and Emma Draeger, all of Ripon. Aaron Becker photo by Reagan Zimmerman The “Best Little Fair Around” will be crawling with treasure, pirates and adventure. Learn how to cook from the Pirate Family Show during Cutlass […]

Argh…Pirates are coming to GL Fair

Jim and Mary Ratos surround themselves with the natural beauty of their prairie.  Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Fire is a red flag when it comes to nature. It kills wildlife and destroys habitats. When it comes to prairies, it is just the opposite. Fire actually favors prairies and […]

A burning desire for nature

Kathy Timm, left, and Melissa Patera are a mother-daughter art duo. Together they own Glassy Chicks Glassworks. They will sell their stained glass artwork at the Green Lake Fine Arts fair Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 12 and 13. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman This year, Ali Rossberg is organizing […]

A show that goes beyond just art

Joe Norton STANDS between two of his premier wooden boats that he will display Saturday, Aug. 5 during the Wooden Boat Show. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman The sound from the muffler of one wooden boat is loud enough to draw attention. But the boom of 30 wooden boats […]

Roar of wooden boats will return to GL

David Donica of Houston, Texas, waits patiently for the adventure to start. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman My least favorite smell in the world is dead fish. After having to fish out eight dead carp from Green Lake one day last year, the smell definitely makes me squirm. I […]

Reporter paddles past fears for breathtaking sight

Marc Dosogne points to the only piece of graffiti at Camp Grow he didn’t clean up when he was the camp manager: A heart he and his summer of 1972 sweetheart, Joannie, carved into the post of the cabin where Marc lodged as camp lifeguard from 1971-73. Marc called the […]

Splash: Memories arise as Camp Grow’s future is uncertain

THE PRUNE AS a pre-Prune in 1967, when his world was pretty much limited to a half-mile radius around his house. submitted photo by Todd Sharp Ditch weed I’ve been discovering roadside magic since I was a little boy. It started when my brother and I spotted some gigantic dandelions […]

The Prune: Even in life’s ditches, beauty awaits those who ...

Coen Claubaugh shows off his smallmouth bass during his family’s fishing adventure. Dennis Walker photo by Reagan Zimmerman Big Green Lake What’s hot: Everything What’s not: Nothing Guide’s Corner: Dennis Walker, Dennis Walker Pontoon Guide Service on Big Green Lake, 294-0611 All types of fishing has been hot on Big […]

Fishing is hot right now on Big, Little Green

Reagan Zimmerman Rainy days seem to be more common than sunny days this summer. Have you been wondering why we can’t seem to get one nice day a week? So have the businesses and fishermen. They are experiencing the backfire of the crazy weather. Restaurants, boat rentals and fishing guides […]

What’s up with the weather?

The original interior of the building shows through in the clothing shop with the original support beams and brick walls. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Have you ever seen a purple chicken or been to a store named after a donkey? Anyone who shops at Violet & Company can […]

A match made in renovations

Joe Van Rhyn poses in front of his hand-made, limited edition wooden plaques for Green Lake’s 125th year celebration in 1973. A complete set of these plaques may be viewed at the Dartford Historical Society in Green Lake. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman “All of the how-to books [on […]

From GL steakhouse owner to author

Owen Purvis stands by the entrance of Elim Hosta Gardens. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman In the Biblical book of Exodus, the Israelites wandered through a desert for 40 years. During those 40 years, they encountered a few oases. One was Elim, which had seven springs and 70 palm […]

Hostas provide oasis for Princeton couple

GREEN LAKE RESIDENT Dan Jorndt drives the Thrasher Opera House parade unit with help from his co-pilot grandchildren: Jack Haravon, Kate Haravon, Olivia Haravon and Blake Haravon.  by Reagan Zimmerman Red, white and blue flooded the surrounding area for America’s birthday. From T-shirts to boat and lawn decorations, Green Lake […]

‘I love our country and I love Green Lake’

GREEN LAKER REPORTER Reagan Zimmerman gives younger sister, Sheridan, a big hug after her performance as a robot in “Gulliver’s Travels” June 24. submitted photo by Reagan Zimmerman This summer, I relived one of my favorite childhood memories in a slightly different way. Instead of performing on the Thrasher Opera […]

Lights, camera, reporter enjoys action

Bike safety is of paramount importance to many in Green Laker Country — not just avid cyclists such as Mike Schattschneider, left, who was hit by a car last August while riding on County Road T, and Lauree Renaud, right, of Green Lake Greenways. It’s also important to safety officials […]

Splash: Sharing is caring — but it’s also the law

THE PRUNE AND a friend marvel at the rewards life brings when one is willing to navigate steep hills, both ways. submitted photo by Todd Sharp My friend Susan and I met on this road 5 years ago. Each year since, we have taken an adventurous week-long bike ride. The […]

The Prune: Biking hills, both ways, is a metaphor for ...