THE BOOK COVER of “Green Lake Scenery” features stereoview images of a steamboat that William Lockwood operated in Green Lake in the 1870s. The images were stored in Gordon Hoffman’s closet for more than 40 years, before the idea came to make a book out of the rarely seen photos. […]

Stereo views provide glimpse into unseen past

Reagan Zimmerman plays with cats during her day volunteering at the local shelter. Sheridan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Those who are close to me know I have a weakness for cats. I have no control when a cat is around. Such was the case on July 22 when I […]

Just kitten around

Campers used the Caestecker Public Library’s binoculars at Assembly Creek in hopes of spotting the osprey nesting by the Norwegian Bay Wetlands Boardwalk. Tom Schultz photo by Reagan Zimmerman For three weekends this summer, 16 kids became “little warriors of the environment” as they learned how to become one with […]

Keeping an eye on the environment

From left, Celest King, Ed Fischer and Marge Bostelmann hold the Doghouse sign from the drive-in’s first iteration, when King worked there. All three share a connection to the now-empty building. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Fifty years and seven businesses all in one building. Green Lake’s once well-known […]

Drive-in passion

Reagan Zimmerman tries to rip a nice disc throw while beginning the second hole at Zobel Park’s 18-hole frisbee golfing — or “frolfing” — course. But something’s lurking in the woods … Jake Henderson photo by Reagan Zimmerman Mother nature has not been on my side this summer. Her overproduction […]

Summer’s blood-sucking enemies plague outing

There are multiple ways of washing boats and other gear, each with its own level of effectiveness. Rinsing equipment with water, such as a hose, will help remove mud and other organisms either out of reach or unseen by a boater. Pressure wash systems more effectively remove unseen organisms from […]

Boat wash stations may be coming to Green Lake

Jim and Mary Ratos surround themselves with the natural beauty of their prairie.  Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Fire is a red flag when it comes to nature. It kills wildlife and destroys habitats. When it comes to prairies, it is just the opposite. Fire actually favors prairies and […]

A burning desire for nature

David Donica of Houston, Texas, waits patiently for the adventure to start. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman My least favorite smell in the world is dead fish. After having to fish out eight dead carp from Green Lake one day last year, the smell definitely makes me squirm. I […]

Reporter paddles past fears for breathtaking sight

Reagan Zimmerman Rainy days seem to be more common than sunny days this summer. Have you been wondering why we can’t seem to get one nice day a week? So have the businesses and fishermen. They are experiencing the backfire of the crazy weather. Restaurants, boat rentals and fishing guides […]

What’s up with the weather?

Joe Van Rhyn poses in front of his hand-made, limited edition wooden plaques for Green Lake’s 125th year celebration in 1973. A complete set of these plaques may be viewed at the Dartford Historical Society in Green Lake. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman “All of the how-to books [on […]

From GL steakhouse owner to author

Owen Purvis stands by the entrance of Elim Hosta Gardens. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman In the Biblical book of Exodus, the Israelites wandered through a desert for 40 years. During those 40 years, they encountered a few oases. One was Elim, which had seven springs and 70 palm […]

Hostas provide oasis for Princeton couple

GREEN LAKER REPORTER Reagan Zimmerman gives younger sister, Sheridan, a big hug after her performance as a robot in “Gulliver’s Travels” June 24. submitted photo by Reagan Zimmerman This summer, I relived one of my favorite childhood memories in a slightly different way. Instead of performing on the Thrasher Opera […]

Lights, camera, reporter enjoys action

Ford’s Gathering is a place for visitors, residents and business owners of Princeton to come together as a community for drinks and live music every Saturday. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Growing up in a poor family, Rochelle Ford was introduced to the real estate industry at a young […]

Real estate is in the family for Ford

Special Events and Marketing Manager Hanna Meronk and Teen Coordinator Eric Gilbertson welcome kids ages 6 to 18 to the Boys & Girls Club of the Tri-County Area. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman “A family outside of home.” That is what Hanna Meronk, director of special events and marketing, […]

Boys & Girls Club welcomes kids with open arms

Jerry Sanders favorite part about the Fairwater Water Wheel property is the rivers music that is constantly being played through its currents. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Debussy is not only played by a symphony. The river that flows through the famous Laper property in Fairwater creates a natural […]

Fairwater river no longer makes water wheel move…

GREEN LAKE COUNTY Health and Human Services intern Joe Lovas prepares for a boat ride, properly equipped with his life jacket for public safety. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman What is public health? Is it health care or hygiene? According to Kathy Munsey, a health officer with Green Lake […]

Public health is all around GL

GREEN LAKER REPORTER Reagan Zimmerman tries pulling a wagon-full of supplies that she purchased while shopping at rummage sales in Princeton. Sheridan Zimmerman photo by Reagan Zimmerman Shopping for your dorm room can get expensive. Whether buying storage containers or bedding, it is a pricey pursuit. I set out with […]

Reporter rummages for college bargains

NEW GREEN LAKER reporter Reagan Zimmerman stands on the gas dock she spends her summers working on as she is surrounded by the area’s beauty. submitted photo by Reagan Zimmerman From a young age, I always was that outgoing child that wanted to talk to everyone and learn about everything. […]

Reporter embraces challenge with open arms

The GLSD is monitoring two fyke nets within the County Highway K Estuary to assess fish populations within the wetland. These nets also serve as an additional method for removal. GLSD staff, Dallas Lewallen, empties a fyke net containing invasive carp. submitted photo by Alison Thiel Editor’s note: This piece […]

Teamwork averts another GL ‘Carpageddon’

March 22 was a clear day right at the beginning of spring. It also happened to be World Water Day, an annual observance established by the United Nations in 1993 to highlight freshwater sustainability and resources. Along Lawson Drive’s winding way through Green Lake Conference Center, the waters of Green […]

Water on the mind: Keynote at ‘Water Thinkers’ event in ...