The Prune

CANNED ROMA TOMATOES are ready to be consumed this winter — by a hungry grasshopper. submitted photo by Todd Sharp I get a little antsy this time of the year. I start to feel uneasy about the upcoming quieter season. Fewer folks around to share stories with. I’ll miss the […]

The Prune: Better to be an antsy busy bee than ...

by Todd Sharp “Style is based on limitations.” — John Hartford I’ve been working on a minimal, non-invasive, and repurposed lifestyle. The clothing I wear, furniture I make, the dwelling I do life in, the activities I pursue; hopefully the time, money, and energy I spend transcend my intentions. These […]

The Prune: Establish your style in three words: Read this ...

by Todd Sharp From the tubular, righteous, humble beginning in Peru, the potato has been cooked up as a staple in nearly every cuisine around the world. In its best form the potato is always paired with some fat and additional flavor. Butter, salt and pepper, sour cream, bacon bits, […]

Prune advises: Let the chips fall where they may

by Todd Sharp Kissing goodbye. I have a friend who is traveling the world viewing its natural wonders. Her first-hand knowledge and belief in the science predicting global warming is profound enough that she is visiting the most exposed countries — kissing goodbye to the physical land and, in some […]

The Prune: A kiss is given before a farewell (or ...

by Todd Sharp I shaved off my mustache. Now my first impression to the world is completely bare. I took off a mask, leaving a raw, naked, transparent feeling my face and psyche haven’t felt since 1975 when I was in 8th grade. I’m facing the world without barrier, style, […]

The Prune

TODD ISN’T THE only thing that’s Sharp in this photo. But an axe to the closet, he suggests, liberates the mind and “prunes” the soul. submitted photo by: Todd Sharp Sometimes the deadwood just has to go. Fruit trees grow better after pruning the deadwood out. A single leading branch […]

The Prune: Prepare for summer by pruning stuff, clearing the ...

WHICH GUY APPEARS more prepared for the Green Lake 100? Gary Hazelberg, right, or the Prune? submitted photo by Todd Sharp This summer is kicking off with robust exercise and plenty of camaraderie. I’m talking about a new bike ride: the Green Lake 100 On Sunday, May 28, the Green […]

The Prune: Green Lake 100 offers biking fun for all ...

TODD SHARP’S FATHER, Tom, left, shows Diane Leatherberry how a cartridge tape player works as Johnson’s TV store owner George Johnson watches. It was at the downtown Ripon store that Todd’s imagination blossomed and his interest in sales began.  RCP file photo By Todd Sharp  “I believe strongly that the […]

The Prune: Imagination grows with person, experiences

by Todd Sharp There was once a time when the only farmers markets were in big cities. Over the years I’ve noticed how big, ripe ideas spread from community to community. Once good ideas start getting a foothold, it’s hard to keep them contained in one spot. After my first […]

Willy Street? Check out Mill, Watson, Huron streets

by Todd Sharp I’ve taken to a safe pattern and opted to change my car tires each season expecting to get a greater grip on the road, switching from snow tires to summer driving tires. The results have been spectacular. No crashes or slipping into the ditch. Success! This spring […]

Prune takes ‘spare’ minute to admire patterns

by Todd Sharp I started writing the Prune in part to share a synthesized version of my life’s lessons and fables with my son. Although many of the reflections have taken some wild departures from the original purpose, I hope to have clearly passed along a few bits of knowledge. […]

Advice from a prune to a freshly ripened grape

by Todd Sharp Summer always goes way too fast. I’m sad to see the geese coming back. However, instead of wondering where summer went so damn fast, I’m looking forward to fall and winter. If I wanted to extend summer I could move to Texas, Florida, New or old Mexico. […]

No summer bummer: Baby it’s cold cool outside