Neighboring Towns

The Grand River Valley Museum opened its doors to the public in August 1991 and is open Saturdays through September from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment. Joe Schulz photo by Joe Schulz Since 1991, the Grand River Valley Museum has been giving the community a blast from Markesan’s past […]

Central station for history

Community Hall was constructed in 1929 and turns 90 on Labor Day. In 2010 the non-profit Unity Hall Inc. formed to restore the building to the community gathering place it once was. Joe Schulz Photo by Joe Schulz If you’ve been to the Princeton Flea Market, there’s a good chance you’ve […]

Harvest Faire returns Sept. 8

Patti Garro will be portraying Maria Wicks during the 2018 Cemetery Walk. submitted photo by Ariana Hones A reprinted 1938 cookbook, milk bottle caps, chocolate bars and a walk through a cemetery. The connection lies in Princeton. The city of Princeton, with high hopes to continue four years of restoration […]

Tales of the dead

A line of fellows focus on their shots while trying to “Sink the Bismarck” in the Mill Pond next to Playground Park. Reagan Zimmerman photo by Ariana Hones As people around the United States gear up to celebrates America’s birthday to remember the freedoms both won and still fighting for, […]

Flags won’t be all that’s flying July 4th

Rushes & Winery will host wine-making demonstration Saturday, Sept. 17 Vines & Rushes Winery Owner Ryan Prellwitz stands beside a freshly made batch of wine, stored in wooden barrels.   Hannah Tetzlaff photo by Hannah Tetzlaff From the vine to the bottle, Vines & Rushes Winery creates quality wine while […]

A little education to go with your wine

Princeton Public Library is raising money for massive expansion project A sign outside the library shows people how the library will change following its planned expansion.       Hannah Tetzlaff photo by Hannah Tetzlaff The Princeton Public Library is turning the sod over and beginning a new chapter. Since its […]

Flipping the page to a new chapter

Berlin’s Fox Festival will feature wing-eating contest, music & more SHOWING THEIR EXCITEMENT for the upcoming second-annual Fox Festival are, from left, Becky Jenkinson, Alyssa Mattice,  Jack Nation, Ted Huggins, Sarah Kasuboski, Cathy Hargrave and Marty in the Morning of B104.7. Not pictured is Lynda Parman.      Hannah Tetzlaff […]

Foxy fun for everyone

Princeton creates walking tour of Water St. Due TO the Princeton Historical Society building being sold, Vickie Wielgosh of Princeton’s Community Development Authority and others have to find and organize all information and transfer it onto a computer for the first time.         Hannah Tetzlaff photo by […]

History at your fingertips

JACK AND MARY Ramsauer  hold one of the antiques that can be found at their shop, Victorian House Antiques. It’s one of several antique stores in Princeton.               Beth Pelland photo By Ian Stepleton I remember, 17 years ago when I was just a […]

Princeton hosts critical mass of antique shops

DUFFERS LINE UP for everyone’s favorite game, “Sink the Bismarck,” in Playground Park. Proceeds from the event this year will go towards a new American Legion building.   Connor Cummiskey photo by Hannah Tetzlaff Green Lake Reporter With rubber ducks, tie-dye T-shirts, golf balls and souvenir cups, the Green Lake […]

Go Fourth with ducks, cups and shirts, oh my!

Owners of FireHaus BBQ have mastered craft over time by Hannah Tetzlaff Green Lake Reporter Igniting people’s taste-buds and lighting a fire in their hearts for barbecue, Dan Prill has come a long way since his failed first attempt at barbecuing 14 years ago. What started out as a hobby […]

Extinguishing Appetites

Cindy Jaggi, the principal executive officer of Economic Development Partners by Aaron Becker Tourists who visit the Green Lake area commonly are highly educated with large amounts of disposable income, and many return year after year. And they have suggestions to improve that experience, so says the research. Surveys over the […]

Visitors give ideas for improving Green Lake area

SPEAKING AT THE presentation is Linda Ruggeri, director of the Green Lake Country Visitors Bureau. Looking on is Cindy Jaggi of Economic Development Partners.    Aaron Becker photo by Aaron Becker The five communities of the Green Lake area are so special, collectively it’s the Holy Grail of regional […]

Expert: Green Lake area is the ‘Holy Grail’ of tourism

Berlin Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Becky Jenkinson smiles while volunteering at Berlin’s Farmers & Artists Market a few years ago. submitted photo by Laura Lyke Green Lake Reporter As Green Lake Country’s 2015 tourist season is coming to an end, two area chamber of commerce rookies deserve big pats […]

New chamber directors reflect on first summer

OWEN PURVIS STANDS in his garden, which features about 1,000 varieties of hostas, with a shovel in hand.   Laura Lyke photo by Laura Lyke Green Lake Reporter There are more than 7,000 named varieties of hostas in the world. Owen Purvis has about 1,000 varieties of them in his […]

Purvis’ love for hostas dug deep

John Pahlas stands behind his bird sculptures, which are the most popular at art shows.  submitted photo Former Ripon resident enjoys experimenting with different sculptures by Laura Lyke Green Lake Reporter Professional artist and former Ripon resident John Pahlas can’t remember a day when metalworking wasn’t a major part of […]

Metaling around

Ripon College professor Memuna Khan checks and cleans out one of her many bluebird boxes located in the Golf Courses of Lawsonia.  Laura Lyke photo RC professor monitors bluebirds around area by Laura Lyke Green Lake Reporter Mid-spring, when many college students begin packing up their rooms and dreaming of […]

Keeper of the birdhouses

Judy Soto, pictured, and husband Joe Soto want their re-created handmade Ammo Jewelry to display the message that anything, no matter how mundane, can be recreated into something good and beautiful.  Laura Lyke photo by Laura Lyke Green Lake Reporter People often make their way to the Princeton Flea Market […]

Much to buy at the Princeton Flea Market, but ...

WHOOPING CRANES ARE trained to migrate south to their winter quarters, led by one or more of these Operation Migration ultralight aircrafts.   submitted photo Festival will honor revival of whooping cranes Sept. 10 to 13  by Laura Lyke Green Lake Reporter Whooping cranes nearly vanished in the mid-20th century, […]

Back from the brink of extinction

Wade Kaufman, LEFT, and his father Wayne Kaufman stand next to a sign advertising the corn maze, which is coming this fall. Laura Lyke photo Kaufman Farm steps up after Beechwood Farm decides not to bring back fall corn maze by Laura Lyke Green Lake Reporter For those left heartbroken […]

Not Lost Without a Maze