Excitement looms over fall, future fishing

FATHER AND SON, John and Jack Gallagher, show off their fish at the Green Lake Terrace. Bob Riordan photo

by Joe Schulz

Big Green Lake

What’s hot: Lake trout, northern pike, walleye, bluegill

What’s not: Musky, white bass

Guide’s Corner:

Dennis Walker, Dennis Walker Pontoon Guide Service on Big Green Lake, 294-0611

Despite summer fishing beginning to wind down, Walker noted this fishing season was “pretty good.”

He noted the lake trout bite has been hit or miss lately. 

“There’s good days and bad days, but we’re still catching lake trout,” Walker said, noting the season to catch the fish ends Sept. 30.

He added anglers have had success catching walleye. Walker recommends trolling slowly with a nightcrawler harness.

Northern pike, meanwhile, are biting on chubs and suckers along the bottom, about 25- to 40-feet down.

Walker noted bluegill bite also remains steady, as anglers have had success fishing along the edge of the weeds.

Overall, Walker believes it was a good fishing season and he looks forward to next summer being even better.

“We had a really good year on the lake fishing, we caught a lot of small fish, but we’ll have some real good lake fishing coming up,” he said.

TIM MACKENZIE submitted this photo of a group of fishmermen with their fish for the Green Laker Photo Contest.

Mike Norton’s Fishing and Hunting Adventures, www.biggreenlakefishing.com, 920-295-3617

While Norton recently put his boat away for the season, he had success catching lake trout all summer long. 

He noted anglers are likely to have success trolling over the deep water using a cowbell Sutton spoon rig and dropping a line down about 60 feet. 

Norton echoed Walker’s sentiments on the quality of fishing in Big Green Lake this summer. 

“It was a really good year because of the stocking effort to keep fish in the lake,” Norton said. 

Little Green Lake

What’s hot: Crappies, bluegill, musky, bass

What’s not: Walleye, perch

Guide’s Corner:

Todd Schulz, Landing on Little Green Lake, 920-398-2620.

According to Schulz, Little Green Lake left most anglers satisfied this summer. 

He noted the musky bite has picked up in recent weeks, as anglers have had success using bucktails as bait in 6- to 12-feet of water.

The panfish bite has seen mixed results in recent weeks as bluegills have slowed, but crappies have remained steady.

Schulz recommends fishing for crappies over the deep water, using minnows. 

He said walleye have been spotted in the deep water with the crappies during the day, but move to the shallows at night. 

Overall, Schulz is happy with this summer’s fishing season and is looking forward to the upcoming weeks.

“It was pretty good,” Schulz said of the summer fishing. “Some panfishing was a little slow during the mid-summer, but it looks like fall is going to be really good.”

Fun Fish Joke: 

What do you get when you cross a banker with a fish? 

A Loan shark!

Source: www.jokes4us.com/animaljokes/fishjokes.html.

Fun Fish Fact:

Some flatfish use camouflage to hide themselves on the ocean floor.

Source: www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/animals/fish.html.